Oz Powerball Winner Denies Stealing Millions

The Australian Powerball winner has been questioned further about the allegation of him buying a syndicate ticket and then making off with all the winnings. He has spoken out for the first time to deny the allegations. Read the full story below. 

To quickly refresh your memory, Gary Baron is being sued by 14 of his former colleagues at Toll Group, a courier company in Geelong, Victoria, who say that the Powerball prize claimed by Gary was actually a syndicate ticket that he won and stole it so he wouldn’t have to share the winnings. Mr. Baron has finally come out about the accusations and said that while his co-workers did indeed contribute towards 10 tickets that he bought for the syndicate in the same draw, the winning ticket was bought by him and him alone. 

Gary Baron

He went on further to say, “I have never cheated my colleagues and I am disappointed that the matter has become so public now and that my name, family and home have become so widely publicised,” said Gary in a statement to his lawyers. Gary also claims that he bought the syndicate’s Australian Powerball tickets for the draw last October and then purchased himself extra tickets, one of which included the same 23 numbers he had been choosing ever since April in the year 2014. According to the controversial Powerball winner, this ticket is the ticket which hit the Jackpot. 


Gary's new house

Hi statement continued with the following, “The syndicate games were purchased on a different day, through a different medium and using the value of funds that syndicate had to purchase with.” Mr. Baron further added that Tattersalls, the Australian Lottery regulator, verified this information in the investigation before actually releasing the funds to him. Gary mentioned he was so shocked and confused when court proceedings began against him. 

“In hindsight, I should have explained the circumstances to syndicate members at the time,” Gary said about his decisions to take the money quietly and quit his job at the company. He also mentioned that all he now wants is peace and quiet to get on with his life and enjoy more time he now has with his family. The Victorian Supreme Court has asked Tattersalls to hand over all details and paperwork they might have regarding the Australian Powerball win and the investigation involving Gary Baron.

What do you think? Do you bet that Gary is guilty of this accusation, or not? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Posted by Krishnan (29/05/2015)

Technically he is not guilty because the syndicate did not win the jackpot, but his personal ticket did.But morally he is guilty in the sense when he has taken lead to organize the syndicate, he should not have bought for himself ticket/tickets.If he had done he should have told this to his syndicate members and got their ratification. Now to clear his conscience and get back his good name in the public domain, he must distribute some portion of his personal winnings to the rest of the syndicate group. That would be really fair.

Posted by Елеонора (29/05/2015)

Fate knows his job! If Mr. Gary Baron is honest will live happily with the money .If not the worse for it. :)

Posted by Bqzsn (29/05/2015)

Stay away from syndicates ...

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/05/2015)

investigations are underway...so lets wait it out. the truth will be revealed.

Posted by Amos (30/05/2015)

Let Karma do her thing.

Posted by Leslie (31/05/2015)

Mr. Baron further added that Tattersalls, the Australian Lottery regulator, verified this information in the investigation before actually releasing the funds to him. Hmm i can see it from both sides. Tough one.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (31/05/2015)

Mr.Baron must share winnings with his colleagues !!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (31/05/2015)

I believe him** Hope he enjoys his millions** Congratulations!!

Posted by Subrat (1/06/2015)

Mr. Gary Baron can you donate some money for my charity.

Posted by Michael (1/06/2015)

may God help him

Posted by NJ+ (4/06/2015)

Why start a syndicate group if you you can't play buy your own tickets .all I'm saying is I smell something fishy and its guilty

Posted by Ritwick (4/06/2015)

Interesting predicament...

Posted by Osaru (4/09/2015)

stop being greedy man and share some with your colleagues

Posted by Leyla (18/10/2016)


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