Make the Most out of your Giant Jackpot Winning, Part I

Refreshing the jackpot prizes available from US Lottery games will see you astounded by the totals available to play for and win in the games of Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. So as you fight for your lottery jackpot prize, this weekend here are some important tips and strategies to put into place in the event of you winning either a jackpot or tremendously lucrative lottery prize winning in either of your chosen games. Note that these are all measures to take and some important things to avoid in the event of a big lottery winning:  


sign your lucky lottery ticket

First and foremost, don’t forget to sign that ticket – that is of course is you are still playing lottery the old, tiresome way by lining up in long queues at ticket vendors.  That technically would be your first mistake, as you obviously should play lottery online with The online lottery provider allows you to transact and play in the safest online environment and for the biggest jackpot prizing from the best games all over the world. That means no lottery queues and no lost lottery tickets.

#2 It might prove difficult for some, but … DO NOT TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

announcing your online lottery win

Winning an enormous jackpot prize from games like Mega Millions or US Powerball is all a very real possibility, especially when you improve your odds by playing online with PlayHugeLottos.  Winning is even more of a prospect when you include Euro Lottery games like Euro Jackpot or UK Lottery.  The EuroMillions game, however, stands head and shoulders above the rest as the game with the most frequent jackpot prize-giving – so it should be a staple in your gaming roster.

Whatever you do though, and whichever game you win in – try to resist the urge to go shouting your lottery winning from the rooftops. This automatically results in everyone you know, coming around looking for a handout.  All of a sudden you’re going to have a lot more pressure facing a situation that’s already stressful as it is.  Where possible, and if possible try to maintain anonymity and do not publicize your winning prematurely.  The lottery provides enough time for winners to come forward to claim their winnings – so make sure you’ve got a solid game plan ready before you step into their office, which leads us to … 


financial advisor for lottery jackpot win

Don’t make the mistake of letting your ego take control, or get too caught up in your giant winning. If you’re the kind of person who lives paycheck to paycheck, you’re probably not the best one to plan your financial status or set accurate goals. This might come as a surprise, but your beer buddy is not the best person either. Retaining the services of a respectable team of advisors and managers that will act as your representative acts as a buffer that protects you and your assets now and in the future.


play lottery online and win jackpots for future generations

As appealing as it may seem – try to not take the lump sum option. Statistics go to show that an enormous 70% of lottery winners end up broke again, and many in just a few short years. Choosing between $172 million upfront, or receiving a payout of $300 million slowly over the course of a lifetime (say, perhaps 30 years or so) could be the difference between life-long prosperity or a quick-fix financial meltdown. Most top tier investment advisors will tell you that the tax related to a lump sum payment is crippling leaving you with a pittance of what you should be earning, and what your real, rightful winnings are. An annuity payment option will last you well within your old age and provide financial security for your future generations to enjoy as well. 

lucky lottery numbers


Check back for Part II of our best and handy tips on how to retain and make the most out of your jackpot winnings. In the meantime, get cracking on your registration with the EuroMillions and Mega Millions amazing lottery draws coming our way as soon as tomorrow evening!

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Posted by Amos (28/05/2015)

some, sound advice.

Posted by Ashish (29/05/2015)

Very Important and useful tips provided by for the probable jackpot winners. Thanks

Posted by Krishnan (29/05/2015)

My personal experience is the odds of winning small prizes ( upto 4 matches) are great in France Lottery, though the Jackpot has never been as staggering as MM, PB, or Euro.

Posted by Wilhelmina (29/05/2015)

good advice thanks

Posted by Елеонора (29/05/2015)

Very useful!I will take all the advice!

Posted by Prashant (30/05/2015)

Usefull advice to hold your horses after the big win. However, I do not agree to going for 30 annuity installments. They offer close to 3% return on the one time cash when converting to 30 annuity Instlmnts. That's an unacceptable return on (hopefully mine) MONEY. I would rather go for the cash collection and can double the same in only 19-20 yrs even if I am able to get a meager 5% annual return. AND 'YEAH', I HAVE TO HOLD MY HORSES.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (30/05/2015)

wise words from the people in the know!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (31/05/2015)

Good advice ! Thanks PHL !!

Posted by Ritwick (4/06/2015)

Thank you!!

Posted by Osaru (28/08/2015)

its always about smart financial planning that keeps the money in check

Posted by Leyla (26/11/2016)

Good advice thanks!

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