Meet The Latest EuroMillions Winners

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen several lucky lottery players who have won staggering amounts of money on Europe’s popular lottery, the EuroMillions.  With so many online lottery websites, the EuroMillions lottery has become one of the favourite’s to participate in.  Let’s take a look at the latest EuroMillions winners, how they first realised they had won and what they plan to do with their huge lotto wins.

Maxwell won £53 million on the Euromillions

Richard and Angela Maxwell enjoying their EuroMillions win

What could easily have been passed off as an April Fool's Day joke, turned out to be a wonderful win for a couple when they scooped a £53million EuroMillions jackpot win.

Richard and Angela Maxwell, from Coningsby in Lincolnshire, became the 10th biggest jackpot winners on the National Lottery rich list after they scooped £53,193,914 on the draw on Tuesday.

The couple, both aged 67, have modest plans for what they plan to do with their huge windfall. At the moment, Richard is planning to retire and play bowls.
Richard said that he always keeps his lottery tickets in a draw in the kitchen.  On the 1st of April he, the day after the draw, he went to double check his EuroMillions ticket online.  Richard first quickly scanned the first part of the ticket and immediately realised that the numbers were matching up with his. He could hardly believe it and after gaining some control of his emotions, he continued to check the remaining numbers. Jackpot. All seven numbers matched!

He then remembered that it was the 1st of April and that somewhere this could very well be a very cruel joke, but looking at the ticket and back at the numbers – how could it? It was his ticket. No one else knew that. It was then that Richard realised he was holding a whopping £53 million.

Unfortunately, Richard’s wife was not there at the time, and he desperately wanted to let her know. To pass the time, he made himself a cup of tea and rather impatiently waited for her to arrive. When she did, he said, "Angela, I have to tell you something." Mrs. Maxwell did not know what to think, as her husband was red faced.  He eventually managed to get out: "We won £53 million!"

"Don’t be silly," said his wife, in the belief that it was an April Fool’s joke. It was only when her husband showed her the winning numbers on a webpage, did she immediately sit down and stay seated for almost half an hour, too stunned to stand up.

The couple are still thinking about what to do with the huge windfall but have already decided to upgrade a planned holiday to New Zealand - by taking the whole family first-class.

Richard would like to fulfil a life-long dream of travelling the world to watch sport, while Angela is seeing the travelling aspect as a perfect shopping spree.

The couple also said that they have plans to invest in their community with Richard saying, 'It's a life-changing amount of money - £1 million would have been amazing but £53 million enables you to do so much, not just for you, but those around you.

Malcolm won the EuroMillions £200,000

Malcolm and his wife Mary EuroMillions winners

Another couple who recently bagged a mighty £209,614.40 on the EuroMillions lottery are Malcolm and Mary.  When Mary and Malcolm discovered that they had won, they felt like children at Christmas time all over again.
The lucky couple have six children and fifteen grandchildren who will undoubtedly be reaping in the rewards of the EuroMillions win.  All week they told about winning and invited to lunch with them the happy news to share.

Malcolm is looking forward to heading off on an America adventure – including a road trip across Death Valley in a classic Ford Mustang Convertible.

After they had kept the win a secret from their family for over a week, they invited them to a surprise celebratory lunch to share their good news in perfect lotto style.  Malcolm explained: “We wanted to surprise all of the children once we knew the money was safely in the bank and give them each a share of our winnings. We have a big family and to be able to treat all of them is a fantastic feeling.”

Syndicate cleaners won one million pounds

EuroMillions syndicate win EuroMillions

A syndicate from Saltcoats in Ayrshire, Scotland also recently won a huge amount on the EuroMillions. The syndicate of cleaning ladies,  aged between 24 and 63 said that each of them would be spending their cut of the EuroMillions win differently, and would now be able to make their dreams a reality. With each member taking home £55,555.55, home improvements and vacations are on the top of their lists.
Every week they would buy their EuroMillions tickets at a different retailer, and it was Claire Roberts, one of the syndicates members, and her mum who were the first to discover the win, with Margaret having the task of purchasing the syndicates tickets for that particular week.

"My mum checked the results online the next day, but she didn’t look at the Millionaire Maker code. It wasn’t until the Monday that she realised we had won," said Claire. Claire also went on to say that between her and her mum, they took turns to contact the rest of the syndicate to spread the good news.

Claire said, "I’ve just booked for myself, mum and my daughter to go on an all-inclusive holiday to Spain. I can now pay that all off without worrying and look forward to a fantastic summer.”

Lottery fortune for young hospital worker

Hospital cleaner win a million on EuroMillions

Andrew who works as a janitor at a hospital in Sheffield, was smiling  from ear to ear when he won a cool million on Friday 27 March. He still lives with his parents, and was extremely happy to inform his parents that he would be buying them a new home. Besides buying his parents a new home, he also has plans to purchase a few accessories for his camera and travel abroad.
As many other lucky EuroMillions winners have said in the past, Andrew said: “The win has given me peace of mind. I feel now that I don’t really have to worry about money.”

Lotto dream

As you can see, March was an exceptionally good month for these avid EuroMillions lottery players, not only can all of them fulfil their dreams, but they are definitely glad that they kept on playing the game and never gave up hope that one day their lucky lotto numbers would come up trumps!

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I know what I would do if I won but I also have a feeling I would be totally confused and not know what to do

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Very interesting and inspiring as well !

Posted by Edmore (10/04/2015)

Congrats to Richard and Angela Maxwell

Posted by Ying Kwong (10/04/2015)

Whole-hearted congratulations ; )

Posted by Julian (10/04/2015)

As I see all of you so happy I also feel happy Congrats to MR. Richard and Angela Maxwell

Posted by NAgaZ8l (10/04/2015)

Got the plan and I'm ready to go!!

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congratulations to the lucky winners-god bless u,my turn is very soon..thank you universe

Posted by NAgaZ8l (12/04/2015)

That's so cool** #SetForLife

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Сongratulations! Very interesting and inspiring as well.

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