Famous athletes who bought what?

The media never ceases to surprise us these days. We almost always roll our eyes when we hear of celebrities doing crazy things with their money. But, nevertheless, celebrity athletes can be just as over-the-top as A-list actors. If you would like to find out exactly what nonsensical but sometimes quite astounding things they have purchased over the years with their incredible earnings, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading below to get your daily dose of absolute jaw-dropping spending ever recorded by athletes. 

At the fantastic #1 spot we have boxer Mike Tyson:

If you’ve seen the popular film “The Hangover”, then you will definitely remember Mike Tyson and his tiger. That tiger was not a prop for the film. He actually does own tigers. To many people reading this, you might be scratching your head wondering, “What on earth would a boxer be doing with tigers?” Well, to be very frank, nobody really knows the real answer to that. But keep in mind that he is the same man who once told a boxing opponent that he was going to eat his children. Wow....




The tigers literally ate Mike Tyson out of house and home. They cost him a staggering $140,000 just to get the tigers delivered, and another $4,000 every month to have them looked after. He also hired a trained professional to groom these big cats. Unsurprisingly, he became bankrupt after his expensive and over-the-top-kitty-cat endeavour. 

Our second athlete who went too far with his winnings, was tennis player Novak Djokovic:

This man’s choice of cash splurge really did show how he is the farthest thing from lactose intolerant. Novak is one of the top tennis players in the entire world and what did he do with all his earnings? That’s right, he bought the world’s supply of Donkey Cheese brand known as Pule. Yes, you heard us. Donkey Cheese. 

tennis plater     cheese


If you’ve never eaten Donkey cheese, that’s because it is incredibly expensive. In most parts of the world, some of this cheese will set you back at about $3,000 for a pound of the good stuff. Let’s just put that into perspective: you can buy a pound of cheddar cheese for $2. 

At our glorious #3 spot we have an American basketball player who bought $10,000 worth of lottery tickets!

If any of us made $1.5 million a year, we would be over the moon with happiness. This is exactly what Chris Singleton earns. But that wasn’t enough for the ambitious professional basketball player of the Washington Wizards. Chris Singleton had his eyes on the historic $640 million Mega Millions Jackpot at the time. He spent $10,000 on lottery tickets. His thinking being, that if you have more tickets, you have better odds of winning it. 

basketball     tickets

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t win, and he lost out on a lot of money in his get rich quick scheme. 

Moving on to even crazier spending, we have another eccentric basketball player who bought an ATM for his house. Yup. You heard right.

Deshawn Stevenson dreaded going to the bank or gas station to draw cash so much that he acted upon himself to have his very own ATM installed in his house for luxury convenience. And it’s not in his lounge, or garage, or bedroom, or study. It’s in his kitchen. 

famous athlete

We guess it makes sense if you don’t want to stop at the bank when you’re out and about, but what exactly do you need cash for when you are at home? The answer is probably something very suspicious...Either way, it saves him time, so good for him. The ATM cost him around $2,500 - which is actually way more than one would ever pay in ATM fees. But, oh well. Such is the life of an eccentric, millionaire athlete! 

When you think about it, if one of us ever won the lottery, it’s quite probable that we would all spend our cash on at least one irrational object. The interesting part comes, when people share exactly what irrational object they would buy. It could be quite entertaining!

Enlighten us with your funky ideas in the comments section below. We all deserve a good laugh at the end of a busy stressful day. 

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Posted by Julian (30/03/2015)

If I win I will also do something different

Posted by Julian (31/03/2015)

If I win will make a Home for the age for poor person fill full my Granny Mama's dream

Posted by W6HXN (1/04/2015)

If I was to win such ridiculous amounts I would build a huge mansion and get a petrol pump put in the yard so that I no longer have to go to gas stations.

Posted by Johnny (1/04/2015)

For me..If I Win now..first I secured the winning money and life's insurances...the rest will be plan my priorities 1.2.and 3. thats all

Posted by Wilhelmina (1/04/2015)

The Godly instruction is to feed the poor, share with others, stay humble and use every win wisely.

Posted by Ольга (2/04/2015)

I shall necessarily win the jackpot

Posted by Ritwick (19/09/2015)

heh heh funny

Posted by Leyla (22/02/2017)

good luck

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