Keys To Your Lotto Lifestyle Part 2

Living the lotto lifestyle may be largely a frame of mind but it does also require a certain level of financial resources – the kind of resources you could only get from a one hundred million Euro lottery draw. In the lotto lifestyle your notes are played in the perfect pitch, the perfect key.

Let’s take a look at some of the less obvious and perhaps some of the more profound keys you would claim when you enter into your new lottery life!

The keys to her heart

Just imagine how your wife would feel when you tell her you are renewing your wedding vows in an opulent ceremony of her dreams followed by a second honeymoon that consists of a trip around the world? Ladies, imagine how your Mr. Right would feel when you tell him he can quit his day job and become a full time Blues musician just like he’s always dreamed of doing?

Honey, something exciting happened to me today on…

romantic lottery announcement

The keys to the private country club

It is an unfortunate fact of life that certain clubs and groups are closed to those without the necessary financial resources needed to fit in. Those places no longer hold any mystery or power in your life. You are now welcomed with open arms but perhaps you can think of better things to do with your time?

This is not a country club, it’s actually your back garden…

Country Club

The keys to a time machine

There was never enough time in the day to do the things you love doing with the people you love being with. Guess what? You now have a shiny set of keys to your very own ‘time machine’. Time will move as slowly or quickly as you wish it to.

There is no need to go back to the future when the present is so fantastic!

back to the future

The keys to your family’s future

Any worries you may have had about providing a quality future for your loved ones is no longer an issue. With financial providers mapping out the various trust funds for the generations that will follow you there are more exciting things you can set your mind to.

There is more to come when you turn 18…

lottery trust fund

The keys to your destiny

When you think about life and the potential it holds it is unfortunate that for many people money presents an obstacle to the realisation of much of this potential. With a lottery win in the bank you can effortlessly and easily unlock the door to your destiny. No squeaking hinges, it just swings right open.

The door of destiny, what is on the other side?

door of destiny

With so many keys available to you upon winning any one of the mouth-watering jackpots up for grabs on there is only 1 key that we doubt you will have access to, and that is “low key”.

Live the lotto lifestyle and watch as all your dreams become reality. Get your own set of keys now at!



Posted by Subrat (22/09/2012)

Playhugelotto should give tips to members for how to choose jackpot numbers.

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (24/09/2012)

Living the luxuaries are good after winning the lottery but must think of the underpriviledged also and should try and make the difference to their life also in what ever small way we can.In islam it is said that we must donate some part of the wealth as Zakat ( Charity) so I do belive that in case god gives us luck to win we should spend on charity in a way that the person receiving the zakat should some day also be in position to pay the zakat or charity and this way the chain of charity continues making big difference to lot of people.

Posted by Leslie (29/09/2012)

Charities would be major benefactors should I become a jackpot lottery winner. I have many that I would dearly live to bring a smile to their faces and joy to their hearts! Thank you Euro lottery for giving me a chance! Leslie

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