Keys To Your Lotto Lifestyle Part 1

Keys are synonymous with opening doorways and the removal of obstacles. In this way they are very similar to a large lottery jackpot win. Consider all the ways a jackpot win would act as a ‘key’ to unlock the dreams you may have in life.

The keys you would acquire as a lottery jackpot winner are both metaphorical and quite literal. Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious, literal keys that might enter your life after taking home a top lotto jackpot win.

The keys to your new car

We asked you what car you would drive if you won the lottery and these were your answers. Depending on the size of the jackpot won you could certainly set about collecting a garage of vehicles that even the most spoiled motoring aficionado would be jealous of.

Which one will it be today?

lottery winners keys

The keys to your new house

Do you remember the palatial mansion you used to drive past every day, imagining how it would feel to live in such grandeur? Well guess what, it’s yours now (Along with a full complement of ground staff to keep it up to scratch).

$6.7 million property currently available in the Bahamas...


The keys to your new speed boat

For the water babies out there you no doubt will be planning your boating purchase before the ink is even dry on your oversized lottery cheque. You’ve got a lot of options from speed boats, to yachts, to jet skis or perhaps a tough, old fishing vessel for your new life as a fisherman of leisure.

Pick your keys and let the keyrings speak for themselves...

Jet Boat Keyring

The keys to your new bank safe deposit box

With the increase in wealth will come the arrival of many new valuable items that cannot simply be left lying around the mansion. For such a purpose there is the safety deposit box. Your bank manager will no doubt have become your very best friend after your lucky jackpot win so you can be sure of the very best location for your special box of treasures.

What little treasures are hiding in here? Oh, I see its just a large amount of cash...

Safe Deposit Box

The keys to your new hotel suite

Living a life of leisure will undoubtedly mean travel, travel and more travel. If you yearn to explore the many nooks, crannies and of course, beaches, around the world why not do so in the very best style possible?

Luxury hotel living, Dubai-style!

Luxury hotel

With those very real, physical keys clasped firmly in your excited lottery winner’s hand how about all those other, slightly more abstract keys that are now yours as well?

Check out part 2 tomorrow and be sure to play your tickets for this weekend's $174 million US Powerball lottery while you’re waiting!

play us powerball

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