You’ve Just Won the Powerball! But…What Now?

Your dreams have finally come true and you’ve hit the big time in the Powerball lottery, scooping up a jackpot prize.  But…what do you do now?  That shock you’re feeling, the panic, and the pure joy is all completely normal.  Everyone knows what they want to do with their winnings, but what about the bit in between, when you’ve just realized you’ve won enough to change your life completely and actually holding the money in your hands?   

Make that winning call

Win with Powerball

Once you’ve finished running around your house, jumping off everything that you can find, and screaming your lungs out, the first thing you should do is get hold of lottery officials.  You can either call the number on the back of your ticket, or contact us via the website for those who play Powerball online.  Doing this will help to ensure that you are definitely a winner and once that’s sorted, it’s only up from here!

Let’s not forget about the money

Play Powerball online and win

When your ticket has been validated it will finally be declared – Congratulations, you’re a winner!  Oh, and let’s not forget about the millionaire part either.  It’s always better to make use of a private bank for your winnings, but there’s no need to stress about this.  You’ll be helped every step of the way. 

Share the good news

Become a Winner with Powerball

The choice of who you want to share the news with or stay anonymous is completely up to you.  Winners could stick to telling their friends and family only, or share it more broadly.  This could depend on how many people you know, as well as what your plans are for how you want to spend your new fortune.  If you choose to share the news, you’ll be receiving a large cheque with chilled champagne, and of course the publicity team will take care of you throughout the whole process in case things get a little too overwhelming.  Once your winnings have arrived in your account, you can go about spending your winnings as you wish.  For the larger winners, like if someone is lucky to scoop up this week’s Powerball jackpot prize, access is granted to a panel of independent advisors as well as legal experts a few weeks after your win.  They will offer you advice and help you with all of the millions of questions that you have circling on your head about taxes, investments, and trusts.      

But most importantly, you’re now part of the millionaires club, so why not go ahead and enjoy it – the world is your oyster!


Win with Powerball


There’s still more than enough time for you to play lotto online and place your entry for tomorrow’s Powerball draw.   With an estimated jackpot prize of a whopping $450 million, it’s not difficult to understand why this is one of the most popular US Lotto games!    

Play Now

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Safia Modak - who has written 10 articles

Posted by NAgaZ8l (10/02/2015)

Already have the plan written down** I'm locked, loaded, and ready**

Posted by Sophia (10/02/2015)

Awesome...I live for the day..can just feel that money now..:)

Posted by Julian (10/02/2015)

After getting the good new's and the money in my hand I will pay every one who i have to and than bay a small house for my family and what be Happy

Posted by QXE (10/02/2015)

To my wife, "Honey Happy Valentines Day, I know it is only on Saturday, but guess what, yours has come three days earlier, I have booked you and the girls (my daughters) for a weekend away Spa Treatment of the lifetime"

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/02/2015)

I just can't wait to get that feeling of winning the power ball jackpot!

Posted by George (11/02/2015)

I have a bunch of Powerball tickets. Waiting for a call saying I hit Jackpot!! Been playing since 2008...and just hope this is my day!

Posted by Samuel (11/02/2015)

My dream is to win a prize good enough to be able to help my family. And with a jackpot like $500.000.000 it would more than sufficient to rebuilt the small town where I live. I hope so!

Posted by Samuel (11/02/2015)

My dream is to win a prize good enough to be able to help my family. And with a jackpot like $500.000.000 it would more than sufficient to rebuilt the small town where I live. I hope so!

Posted by Leyla (31/03/2017)

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