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We all love fantasizing about what we will do if money were no object. Will we or will we not quit our jobs, buy a new house, actually forget house, we need to start thinking mansion!  It’s great to dream. Not only does it give us an uplifting feeling of hope, it all part of the festive spirit and being able to make other people’s lives blissfully happy is something we all strive for.

Now, while most of us will be happy with a DVD, another soap-on-a-rope or if your children have grown up, perhaps a nice new watch this year.  The super-rich though, will once again be expecting a little bit more as they unwrap their presents while sipping Kristal Champagne.  When it comes to buying each other Christmas gifts, as the saying goes, 'If in doubt, sprinkle it in diamonds.’

We’ve taken a look at what you could be sliding in under your Christmas tree this year if you won tonight’s €145,000,000 SuperEna Max jackpot, or tomorrow night’s $125,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot right here at PlayHugeLottos.com.

Whether you purchase a spectacular bejewelled USB stick valued at a staggering £20,000, or a solid gold pen with price tag of £60,000, PlayHugeLottos.com will give you plenty over the top luxurious Christmas gift ideas.  So hold onto your credit cards, let’s find out which presents will be finding their way under the Christmas tree this year.
Brace yourselves, this could get expensive...

3D Printer

What could be better than receiving a 3D printer. After all, it’s a present that makes presents! How awesome is that!  The Makerbot Replicator 2 is the latest edition in 3D printers that can print out objects based on plans your children could design by simply using free software such as Goole Sketchup. 
Price: £1340.44

3D Printer

Gold Headphones

If you want to listen to your music in style, then nothing ‘beats’ the world’s first, 24ct gold plated Dr Dre Beats Pro headphones. 
Price: £1,489

 Dr Dre Beats gold headphones

Roses Dipped In Gold

We all love to send roses to the one we love and yes although rather unoriginal now flowers always do the trick.  Adding a bit of creativity and whole lot of money behind your rose buds will definitely get you noticed.  Depending on whether or not you have banked a lotto jackpot lately, you could always send your loved one a bunch of 24 karat gold dipped roses. They say money can’t buy you love, but rose dipped roses... you have to give this one a chance.
Price: Varies depending on quantity/product. Single Rose $64.50


Gold dipped rose

A Robot Friend

This one’s for the lads out there. Why not a robot. No seriously, a really awesome robot. Hammacher Schlemmer has The Celebrity Robotic Avatar.  This guys so good that it’s the only robot to have been admitted to the Screen Actors Guild. It’s appeared in movies, television programs, music videos and even entertained royalty. Controlled via a very small and completely undetected intuitive wireless remote, you will amaze your friends as they will be really think that the robot is acting autonomously.  Not only does he have cool dance moves, an engaging personality but he will add celebrity star power to your Christmas event.
Price: $345,000

Celebrity Robotic Avatar

The world’s most expensive USB stick

Just about everyone carries a USB stick with them these days. After all, you never know when you might need to save a quick file.  It’s also become very trendy to have the most flashy USB. Life’s all about style and gone are the days of have a tired black original looking USB stick.  Swiss jewellery maker La Maison Shawish have outshone themselves with their luxury Magic Mushroom flash drive full of gold and diamonds.  This little gift will definitely have your lady standing out from the crowd.
Price:  $36,900

Diamond encrusted flash drive

Designer Christmas Cracker

What about a designer Christmas cracker?  Philip Treacy as designed a limited edition Christmas cracker for just $670. With just 80 been made it’s a first come first serve basis. Included in the cracker is a surprise party hat, star-shaped psychedelic confetti, a genuinely funny festive joke written by David Walliams, along with a collector’s sterling silver thimble engraved with Philip Treacy’s signature. In just one of the 80 limited edition crackers will include a winning ticket for a bespoke hat designed by Philip Treacy himself. The cracker shell and hat comes hand-created, while the spiraling bows at each end of the shell has been produced through 3D printing.
Price: £1,500

Designer Christmas cracker

A toy car
Just how many toy cars do you think will be under various Christmas trees this year? Millions, upon millions. Every little boy wants to find a brand new car under the tree but as we know by now, the super-rich go the extra mile.
Blanc Chatueau has teamed up with BMW to creative a drive-away half scale 1936 BMW 328 replica of the original and comes with genuine leather upholstery, hydraulic drum brakes, reverse gear, head and backlights, horn, steel chassis with epoxy black coating, a fibreglass composit body, real tyres and includes a four strokes fuel powered engine with 6.5 horsepower and only 464 of them will be made. After all, why should the adults get all the fun.
Price: £12,537

BMW Replica

Something else you thought belonged in the children’s stocking is Lego. If you thought well, Lego’s affordable, then brace yourself. If you fancy a life-sized version of your child, then be prepared to cough up £70,000.
Price. £70,000

Life-size lego

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

You can never go wrong with diamonds. Women love diamonds. Whether they're for your engagement or for a Christmas present, you can't go wrong with a diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, or even a watch.   This unique piece of antique jewellery, an art deco bracelet by Cartier, Tutti Fruitti set you back a cool quite a bit.

Price: $2,045,000

Tutti Fruitti diamond bracelet

Solid Gold iPhone

An iPhone is probably one of the most sought after Christmas present. But if you are thinking about the latest iPhone, think again.  Why not a iPhone in pure solid gold! It’s also going for a mere £10,000,000 if anyone is interested…
Price: £10,000,000

Solid Gold iPhone

A PlayHugeLottos Lottery Gift Voucher

Another gift that could keep on giving and make almost every wish a reality would be a PlayHugeLottos.com lottery gift voucher!  Why not purchase a gift voucher today and who knows, great things could happen. You can purchase a lottery gift voucher to any of the available lotteries. A few millions can go a long way!

What was the worst Secret Santa Gift you have received?
Every year we often get roped into 'Secret Santas' with colleagues, classmates, club members and more. Every year some people go all out to find the perfect gift on a limited budget. Tell us about the funniest Secret Santa gift that you've received for your chance to win a FREE SuperEna Max voucher!


The lucky winner who gets to play his FREE SuperEna Max voucher is:   Jozsef

Let's hope the SuperEna Max jackpot light's up your life!

Good Luck!






Posted by 6Xy6ffX (18/12/2014)

Worst gift ever - Soap and deodorant.

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (18/12/2014)

Plain tshirt and socks

Posted by BGlEo (18/12/2014)


Posted by XnpL (18/12/2014)

The worst gift i ever got was a pack of very large panties, the worst part is that my secret santa was a women, she bought them for herself and they didnt fit but she couldn't return them so she gave them to me :-(

Posted by Beni (18/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by Vladimir (18/12/2014)

Gathering sock certainly the best gift that was not cold at Christmas.

Posted by Vladimir (18/12/2014)

For such a Gold Pink's I imagine someone presents for during the whole year ... Very nice. :)

Posted by Samson (18/12/2014)

The worst secret Santa gift I got was a Toy Top with no nail and a bundle of coir rope more than 100 metre long.

Posted by 2vXmPTH0l (18/12/2014)

My name is sometimes misread and misinterpreted meaning people sometimes assume I'm female, when I was 2 yrs old an old family friendjust back from the U.S had been so eager to get me a gift that they forgot Im male and bought ballet shoes along with a leotard, my folks and older sisters still make fun of it and I just get comfort from the fact that it was purchased in U.S.A

Posted by Boris (18/12/2014)

...Well. It was a Christmas Stocking with postcard inside from collegues : No snow - no gift! Santa!

Posted by Kabo (18/12/2014)

Two years ago I gave a colleague a knitted sweater as a joke (of course I gave him a proper gift afterwards). Last year he returned the favour. He wrapped the same sweater and gave it to me as a gift. We both thought it was hilarious. It turned out it was the only gift he was giving me. I'm still waiting for a proper gift.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (18/12/2014)

Lol well, my worst secret Santa gift was a pair of red socks with white lining, and the card said "Hope these can keep you warm until you're ready for me". One word - CREEPY!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/12/2014)

At work we exchange gifts amongst colleagues at our Christmas party before we break for the holidays. We open the gifts at the party in the presence of all our colleagues. Four years ago i received a a pack of fruit flavored condoms from a female colleague. That was embarrassing and unpleasant!

Posted by Ying Kwong (18/12/2014)

I don't believe it: candy sticks!

Posted by Vladislav (18/12/2014)

Bacon soap and "Pussy" energy drink

Posted by Jozsef (18/12/2014)

The worst gift was a box of matches, with only 1 match in it. Plus a message: "If you behave better, next year you'll receive more."

Posted by Balasubramaniam (19/12/2014)


Posted by Maruthusuresh (19/12/2014)

I have never received any gift before hope this Christmas will break my thought and give me a chance to get the gift...

Posted by Krishnan (19/12/2014)

Best is to give a Huge Lotto Play voucher as gift. Who knows that may get the receiver of the gift, a huge jackpot and s/he may reward the gift-er amply !

Posted by Pongpat (19/12/2014)

In Christmas festival ,I hope that I will share the jackpot of superenamax lotto 23 rd draw ,at least I hope that I will receive the gift prize from you . happy new year 2015. thank you.

Posted by Vladislav (19/12/2014)

Catfood and batteries

Posted by Taner (19/12/2014)

Worst gift is underwear because all time it does not fit to the person who gets this gift

Posted by SANKAR (19/12/2014)

For the truly dedicated golfer... The ideal way to practice putting during bathroom breaks, a great gift that is bound to entertain for hours! Toilet Golf comes with it's own putting green, cup and flag, 2 golf balls, personal putter and the essential 'Do Not Disturb' Door Hanger. A brilliant gift for amateurs and pro golfers with a sense of humour. Go on, make someone smile....

Posted by SANKAR (19/12/2014)

REMOTE CONTROLLED DISC SHOOTING ROBOT: "Great one for the kids (or the office) watch the robot run around firing discs at people"

Posted by Maciej (19/12/2014)

I got toilet brush. It's not funny. I don't know why !

Posted by Anna (19/12/2014)

AS a Child I was dreaming about ferraris and porsch. Santa gave me mini car toy voilet VW Lupo.

Posted by Mostahed (19/12/2014)

Please see the link.Every body can win this.

Posted by Samson (20/12/2014)

Three scratch coupens which read " Sorry" , " Loser " and " try next time "

Posted by Sukanta (21/12/2014)

one of my friend gave me a holed set of condom packet and robotic dildo on my honeymoon as a worst santa gift ever.........

Posted by Taner (21/12/2014)

The worst gift I got was red underwear because it did not brought luck to me.

Posted by Debashish D (22/12/2014)

A glow in the dark toilet seat. I guess I won't be needing to turn the light on at night, which can be helpful. But still, getting someone a toilet seat on Christmas, even if it does glow, is just not a good idea

Posted by Subrat (23/12/2014)


Posted by Ervins (21/02/2015)


Posted by Leyla (6/05/2017)

Good news

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