SuperEna Max Lottery Announcement: SUPERSTAR DRAW 23/12/2014


December means the festive season is in full swing around the world, and SuperEna Max is gearing up to reward loyal lotto players with a Festive Jackpot Prize to play for.  On offer to players is the opportunity of jackpot prizing to the value of €259 million!  This astronomical once-off jackpot prize will take place on the 23rd December and hopefully see a lucky player, or players, make off with all the jackpot prize lucky lotto loot.  What amazing prizing from an online lottery site that has already consistently been offering up lucrative jackpots this year – and is making sure to end off 2014 with a bang!

Be sure to get your participation in on time and make sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to win life-changing millions simply and conveniently online.  Get your lottery tickets online with so that you can start warming up for the SuperStar Draw that’s heading your way as soon as December 23rd, 2014 – just in time to gift some lucky lotto players a HUGE Lotto Jackpot prize for Christmas.

superena max superstar draw

SuperEna Max is seeing to it that the festive season is celebrated in the true spirit of giving by offering players what will no doubt be the biggest lottery jackpot to play for from around the world.  All that’s required from players is their participation, and for those who are not yet members, they would have to register with the prolific online lottery brand quick and easily online.  Once completed, just choose those six lucky lotto numbers and SuperStar number that would hopefully lead to some amazing mega million jackpot prize winning.  Multi-million overnight jackpots are literally that simple with and the SuperEna Max lottery.


Not content to offer up excellent jackpot prizing as a supplement to the already wildly popular Italian SuperEnaLotto, the SuperEna Max game regularly offers up even further escalated jackpot totals in the form of its SuperStar Draw features – sometimes even a whole SuperStar Week with several SuperStar draws in a row.  The last SuperStar Week was held in November and offered up three opportunities to win an extra €100 million on top of the jackpot prize available from SuperEna Max.  Players were offered the opportunity to select six lucky numbers and an extra SuperStar number to play in the 11th, 13th and 15th November draws.  Unlike previous SuperStar Draws, this month’s feature Festive Jackpot Prize is a limited ONCE-OFF, one-time offer draw – with this amazing prize only available to play for on the December 23rd draw date! 

superena max lottery

The SuperEna Max game is a variant on the already popular and world-renowned SuperEnaLotto lottery game.  The Max variant of the European lotto game offers eager players the opportunity to participate in 3 weekly draws which regularly offer up hundreds of millions in jackpot prizing.  One of the newest games on the world lotto circuit, the record highs and guaranteed jackpots, along with special super draw play options which escalates prize funds, have ensured that SuperEna Max has rapidly become one of the beloved and most exciting lottery games to play.

The current SuperEna Max Lotto first place prize towers at €121 million with the next draw on the 9th of December 2014 – but ‘you have to be in it to win it’ so head on over to now and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.  Good luck and Merry Christmas Lottery world!

Comment Below and tell us what you would spend your SuperStar Week Jackpot prize on, and we'll gift you some FREE LottoPoints to make it happened!


Posted by Beni (8/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/12/2014)

only one word to describe it...ASTRONOMICAL!!!!!!!

Posted by Ying Kwong (8/12/2014)

I will spend the Jackpot prize on: a. donations to various Christian related charities to celebrate this Christmas Jackpot; b. sending each of my beloved friends US$10k and ask them to join and play PHL so that they can have chances to win some great jackpots like me :)

Posted by NAgaZ8l (8/12/2014)

I've had it all planned out for quite a while now!! Mansions, supercars, I've got dis**

Posted by IWw0Ut- (9/12/2014)

HOORAY!!!!!! Great opportunity to win REALLY BIG MONEY! Thank you!

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (9/12/2014)

Houses, cars, boat, airplane

Posted by Marcin (9/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by Piotr (9/12/2014)


Posted by CGT1cQRtl (9/12/2014)

I will give to family and charity and use it to emigrate that I can offer my children a better and safer way of live.

Posted by CGT1cQRtl (9/12/2014)

I would give to family and charity and emigrate to Italy, if they will have us. I need to give my children a better and safer way of live.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (9/12/2014)

Thank you so much PlayHugeLottos!!

Posted by FTCBv (9/12/2014)

Pay for everybody, to visit me in the mental asylum.

Posted by Ying Kwong (9/12/2014)

Don't miss this big chance guys!

Posted by Nikita (9/12/2014)

80% of the winnings would be used to start a holding company with projects in global sustainability, environmental cleanup, automation, and clean energy, among others. 10% would be given away to charitable foundations and directly to those in need. 20% kept for self and family.

Posted by K7Z (10/12/2014)

at last I ll have Peace in my bank account

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/12/2014)

A big, and warm welcome to the GIFT of the YEAR!

Posted by JjU1lh (10/12/2014)

Give to charitable courses, buy houses and cars, travel, start a small business to keep busy and save... Have it all planned out!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (10/12/2014)

This is definitely not one to miss!!

Posted by Piotr (10/12/2014)

Good News

Posted by Dorota (10/12/2014)

I like Superenamax

Posted by Sudha (10/12/2014)

Who the Lord bless with such immense luck?. Wait and see.

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (10/12/2014)


Posted by Marcin (10/12/2014)


Posted by Dorota (11/12/2014)


Posted by Vn9S (11/12/2014)

happy bank account...

Posted by Krishnan (11/12/2014)

WHAT WILL I FIRST BUY ON WINNING THE SUPER ENA MAX ON 23.12.2014. The first thing I will buy is a large house in UK ( excluding London and Oxford which I find congested ) and shift my residence there. Now- a -days all countries give citizenship if you make the required investment there which will be easily possible once I win the huge Super Ena Max Jackpot. I developed an instant love for UK on my very first visit to that country. .

Posted by ZqTd (11/12/2014)

Definitely pay up my debts and then plan an amazing world trip :o)

Posted by ZqTd (11/12/2014)

Definitely pay up my debts and then plan an amazing world trip :o)

Posted by ZqTd (11/12/2014)

Definitely pay up my debts and then plan an amazing world trip :o)

Posted by NAgaZ8l (11/12/2014)

SuperEna Max jackpot!! AKA Perfect Christmas gift!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (12/12/2014)

I will get everything that i dreamed of since i was a kid!

Posted by Piotr (12/12/2014)


Posted by Dorota (12/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by NAgaZ8l (12/12/2014)

I am the 259 million euro Superstar SuperEna Max jackpot winner!!

Posted by Ajay (13/12/2014)

I will PERSONALLY visit my ex wife and ex mother in law and inform them of my win.Watching their faces will be as memorable as winning the jackpot.Hehehe

Posted by Ajay (13/12/2014)

I will PERSONALLY visit my ex wife and ex mother in law and inform them of my win.Watching their faces will be as memorable as winning the jackpot.Hehehe

Posted by Piotr (13/12/2014)

I like Superenamax

Posted by NAgaZ8l (15/12/2014)

Finally my time has come!!

Posted by M8JlC7s (16/12/2014)

Dear God...I'm ready for this!

Posted by Snejana (17/12/2014)

The chances anyone of you to win is like 600 000 000 to 1, the same probability is to be hit by meteorite - so look up as well)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/12/2014)

SuperEna Max SUPERSTAR 23/12/2014... bring it on!!!!!!

Posted by Marcin (19/12/2014)

I like Superenamax

Posted by Piotr (19/12/2014)

Spanish La Primitiva 14,500,000 Euro

Posted by Dorota (19/12/2014)


Posted by Nasiru (19/12/2014)

i will Donate 50% of it to the charity organization and the remaining one to further my EDUCATION. THANKS. Merry Christmas Lottery World

Posted by Piotr (20/12/2014)

Good news

Posted by Irina (21/12/2014)

guys, If you win, remember me please. We should help each other. If I win I will do the same. We all deserve a better life.

Posted by Dorota (21/12/2014)

Mega Millions 142,000,000 $

Posted by A. Mufied (22/12/2014)

Wooww..It's huge prize,..

Posted by Felhix Olokani (22/12/2014)

I would definetely invest wisely in the investment that would help me and my family to use the lifetime opportunity for years to come by ensuring that I get maximum returns out of it.

Posted by Marcin (22/12/2014)

Good Luck

Posted by Dorota (23/12/2014)

EuroJackpot 18,000,000 Euro

Posted by Ildefonso (20/12/2015)

Any chance of a Superstar draw in December 2015?

Posted by Leyla (18/05/2017)

Good news

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