Weekend Lottery Results 1 December 2014

With Black Friday behind us and with December officially here, it’s time to get festive at PlayHugeLottos.com.  If you were wondering why, then all you have to do is look at all the amazing lottery jackpots currently available to lottery players this week.

But before we can get to what you could win this week, let’s take a look at how the jackpots fared over the weekend:

Mega Millions results

Last Friday the 28th November 2014 saw neither the jackpot or the second tier prize being claimed.  In fact it’s the third draw in a row that no one hit the jackpot or the $1 million second prize.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for draw that took place on Friday the 25th of November were:  10, 11, 29, 47 and 56, and the Mega Ball number was 4. No one hit the $52 million jackpot or the $1 million second prize. Eighteen lucky Mega Millions players did match all the required number to Match 4 + 1, which meant that they each walked away with $5,000. Each $5,000 lottery winner matched four out of five white Mega Millions winning numbers and the gold Mega Ball number.

The Mega Millions jackpot on Friday the 28th November proved just as elusive for Mega Millions lottery fans when the jackpot rolled over yet again. Remember, even though you never won the jackpot, this only means that the jackpot prize-fund increases rather substantially and you could win more on the following draw.
For those feeling super lucky at the moment, why not play your lucky Mega Millions lotto numbers and purchase a Mega Millions lottery ticket for tomorrow’s colossal 70 million Dollar jackpot. 

Mega Millions winning numbers for the 28.11.2014, Mega Millions winning numbers, Mega Millions results

EuroMillions results

Last Friday the 28th November lottery numbers were as follows 06, 10, 15, 23, 41, with Lucky Star numbers 04 and 10.  No one matched all the EuroMillions drawn numbers and therefore the jackpot rolled over. Seven lucky players did however match the second prize tier by matching 5 main numbers and 1 Star number, which meant that they banked a very tidy 279,221.70 for their time and effort.  Twenty one players also matched five main numbers and ended up with 31,024.60 Euro.

This Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot has shot up to a whopping 72 million Euro – so if you have something extraordinary planned for the New Year and 72 million would most definitely cover the bet, then play the EuroMillions right now as the draw takes place this evening!

EuroMillions results for the 28.11.2014, EuroMillions winning numbers, EuroMillions results

Powerball results

Powerball was in full swing with a mega jackpot of 90 million Dollars. One player scooped the whole lot with just six numbers all matching the winning Powerball numbers drawn on Saturday evening. The six numbers that did the trick were, 13, 24, 30, 42, 48 and Powerball 27.

The winning excitement did not end there though, as four players came exceeding close by matching all five main Powerball numbers and bagging themselves a whopping 1 million Dollars.

Have you double checked your Powerball results mailer yet and checked if you had any matches?

 Powerball results for the 29 November 2014, Powerball winning numbers, Powerball results

EuroJackpot results

Last Friday’s EuroJackpot winning numbers were 06, 16, 18, 29, 35 and the EuroNumbers were 06 and 09. There was no jackpot winner, or any second tier winners but 3 EuroJackpot  players matched five numbers to win €174,676.40 each. A further twenty seven matched the 4 regular numbers and the two EuroJackpot numbers and they won €6,469.40 each.
To win a prize, players must match at least 1 regular numbers and two EuroJackpot numbers.  With twelve prize tiers available on the EuroJackpot, a lottery player has loads of chances to take home a EuroJackpot prize.
There’s €57,000,000 up for grabs in this Friday’s EuroJackpot draw. Will it be you that take’s it all away?

SuperEnaLotto results

The SuperEnaLotto results for the 29th November 2014 showed no jackpot winner and no won managed to correctly predict the five main numbers plus the bonus ball either.  Eleven SuperEnaLotto players did get lucky when their five main numbers they selected were popped out of the SuperEnaLotto machine and made them 23,810.61 Euro richer.
The SuperEnaLotto jackpot for tonight’s draw is €12,800,000 – make sure you stop this jackpot in its tracks by playing you’re lucky lotto numbers.

SuperEnaLotto winning numbers for the 29.11.2014, SuperEnaLotto winning numbers, SuperEnaLotto results

UK Lottery results

Saturday evening saw the UK Lottery making not one but two lotto players instant millionaires when they both correctly predicted the UK Lottery winning numbers. The winning numbers drawn on the 29th November 2014 were, 06, 11, 18, 19, 38, 42 and Bonus ball 17. The latest UK Lottery jackpot winners each took home a cool 1,796,081.00 each.  Four players also took home a tidy £71,680.00 when they matched all five main UK Lottery drawn numbers and the Bonus ball. A staggering 333 players matched all five main numbers and will have £731.00 to spend over the festive season.

This Wednesday’s UK Lottery jackpot is currently sitting at £2,100,000. So if you too want to feel the amazing feeling of becoming the next UK Lottery jackpot winner then play the UK Lottery today!

UK Lottery results for the 29.11.2014, UK Lottery winning numbers, UK Lotto results

Tickets for the amazing Loteria Nacional Extra worth a massive €84,000,000 in prizes are now available on PlayHugeLottos.com.  Make sure you get your raffle tickets early to avoid disappointment. With 1-in-3 odds of winning a prize and all winnings paid out in a lump sum you don’t want to miss this chance!  Stocks are limited and will be sold subject to availability!

Another raffle to get anyone’s pulse racing is the El Gordo de Navidad Raffle with a prize-fund of 2.2 Billion!  It’s this Spanish raffle that can make an entire villiage instant millionaires as tickets are sold from door to door from the billet.  But due to the internet, you too can make sure you have a El Gordo de Navidad ticket by simply clicking here.

If you still have not joined the website with the best online lottery jackpots, then we suggest that you click on register on the top right hand corner of the site right now and who knows, you might be joining the lottery jackpot rich list very soon.
Registered players on PlayHugeLottos.com are free to play any of the available lotteries and raffles that could give you the chance of winning really big wins. Playing online is the most reliable and convenient way in which lottery enthusiasts can partake in the world’s most popular lotto games while knowing that PlayHugeLottos.com has been in the game of online lottery tickets for just over fifteen years, that your entries are in the safest hands.

Not only can you buy you lottery tickets, double check your results, find out who won but with so many special offers and handy tips you will love being part of the PlayHugeLottos.com fold.

Good luck, play smart and play safe with PlayHugeLottos.com – we make millionaires.

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Good news

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A lot of peolpe had a fun weekend haha

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yeah, play smart and responsibly

Posted by Julian (3/12/2014)

I like this games very a lot

Posted by Krishnan (3/12/2014)

sometimes small prizes to many result in happiness to those many rather than one individual.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/12/2014)

Since it is the festive month,PHL should be a little "gifty" and offer something to the patrons in the form of vouchers. That will be in keeping with the spirit of giving! Thank you...

Posted by Sudha (3/12/2014)

Luckier ones should always pray for unluckier ones

Posted by Marcin (3/12/2014)

SuperEna Max 108,000,000 Euro

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Good news

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