The Lost Lottery Numbers

Fans of the popular TV show LOST will be very familiar with 6 special numbers. investigates these mysterious ‘Lost’ lottery numbers a little further.

4 * 8 * 15 * 16 * 23 * 42

The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 recur throughout the six seasons of LOST. They are perhaps most commonly remembered as the numbers that the character Hurley plays and wins on the Mega Lotto Jackpot (a fictional version of the popular American Mega Millions lottery).

But these numbers appear further throughout the show...

Appearances Of The Lost Lottery Numbers

Not simply an auspicious set of lottery numbers these digits appeared throughout the six seasons of Lost, both together and individually. This may seem extreme but fans of the show will not be surprised when they remember this sequence was depicted as the coefficient in an equation that predicted mankind’s extinction.

Here are some other places where the numbers showed up:

• The sequence of numbers was the serial code of a hatch for a station on the Island
• The numbers appeared in a lighthouse that was used to observe certain characters, with each number correlating to a specific character
• Many characters found that the numbers brought them bad luck, with some characters even ending up in an asylum because of them
• After winning the lottery, Hurley rides past 6 players of a girls' soccer team in the airport, each uniform has one of the Numbers on the back.

Lost lottery numbers

•    When Hurley's car breaks down the speedometer reading (in km/h) goes from 16 to 15 to 8 to 4. The dashboard displayed a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and 42 km on the car’s odometer.
•    One of the characters has 4815162342 as their court case number
•    The flight number of the plane that crashed onto the island was 815

Real Life Examples Of The Lost Lottery Numbers In Action

As you can imagine, because of the massive popularity of the show the Lost lottery numbers (4 – 8 – 15 – 16 – 23 – 42) is one of the most popular set of numbers played in lotteries over the last few years.

The Lost lottery numbers (or very close variations thereof) have made some real-life appearances. Here are a couple of examples:

Irish National Lottery, 16th November 2005
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 24 was incredibly close, with the final number drawn, 24, being a reversal of the final Lost number, 42.

Bulgarian Lottery, 6th and 10th September 2009
4, 15, 23, 24, 35, 42 were drawn, twice in a row. No lottery player won the top prize in the draw on the 6th, but a record 18 people guessed all six numbers in the 10th draw.

American Mega Millions Lottery, January 2011
4, 8, 15, 25, 47 with a mega ball number of 42 were drawn in the Mega Millions lottery. Apparently 9,078 Lost fans won $150 each on the draw.

Lost lotto numbers

Your Own Special Lost Lottery Numbers

Do you have a number or set of numbers that you find constantly recurring in your own life? Is there a number or set of numbers that are special to you or that you may think and obsess about often? Special numbers are everywhere in our lives but of course, the most special are those that give you a winning lotto result.

Tell us about your own lucky lottery numbers and the best posts will each win 5 FREE Mega Millions vouchers. Or why not simply play your lucky lottery numbers here on!

This competition is now closed! Congratulations to our winners: Felhix, Samson and Marcin. You have all had 5 Free Mega Millions vouchers added to your account. Best of luck to all our lottery players!

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Posted by Vladimir (10/07/2012)

Lucky numbers are like 7, 8, 17, 30, 33, 42 because they frequently fall or AutoNumber in history has won the jackpot many times or simple numbers for large jackpots but I do not have the luck which is a shame in my opinion, one is under stress when it made ​​when he knows that the money goes as well as the financial markets as well as from the Conciliation luck in lotteries, and especially to be an American Mega Millions lottery because there is most money per person than win - jackpot. When there is more than there was $ 656 million as at 30.03.2012 was could now be a $ 700 million. It is also about the film project and any of the books and software, games for the dog what you wrote here last ... Then, still need to invest. If only I would win if the maximum was $ 700 million and entered into the history of lotteries in America ... Dials lucky numbers 24, 25, 18, ​​21, 4, 32 ...

Posted by Helju (10/07/2012)

My lucky numbers has not won yet.These are 4;6;8:11;15;31;Almost every time I play my lucky numbers fortune decides otherwise.I've played the lottery for about 20 years. But I dont give up.Good luck to all lottery players.

Posted by Vladimir (10/07/2012)

Mega Millions was founded in 1996 by the name before but was also not Loteria Mega Millions and not of such a jackpot, and I do not believe that it is always so easy to win occasionally fall Lachký numbers sometimes difficult. Helju on this site is the official information about the game called Mega Millions lottery therefore

Posted by P_DPXl (10/07/2012)

My lucky numbers are 2,4,6,13,21,28. The reason that I have chosen these numbers as my lucky lottery numbers, is because it is the birth dates of my family and those that I hold dearest to me. Numbers 2 and 4 are the birth dates of my two younger sisters that I love dearly. Numbers 6 and 28 are the birth dates of my two grandmothers that I love to bits. Number 13 is the birth date of my friend that has passed on, but who lives forth in my heart. Finally, number 21 is the birth date of my mother as well as my older sister, two of the most important ladies in my life. these numbers have always been my lucky numbers, and now you can see why!! :)

Posted by Debashish D (10/07/2012)

My lucky numbers are 04/05/07/08/19/35/42. These numbers are lucky for me, becoz these numbers have been given to me by my beautiful wife. Even though I have never won a jackpot by playing these, but these numbers have proved to be lucky in my life at some point or the other. May be one day these will also make us win a jackpot on ur website. Amin. Rgds, Roy.

Posted by LXbeo (10/07/2012)

My sisters bitrhday 15 daughter 16 house number 17 me 18 son 19 mother 20 th all on the 8th month

Posted by Julian (10/07/2012)

These are some of my lucky numbers 3;5;8; 25;31. The most of all is No 1 because It was my Grand mother's dream that I should play a lottery to win an amount to buy a house for my Sons hope and pray that my Grand mother's dream comes true. Granny I miss YOU a lot. JULIAN

Posted by Lim (10/07/2012)

when doctor comes out and say, you got the boy again, this be my third son, and then doctor fill the form and give it to nurse, suddenly im feel must see the form, and when nurse show it to me its very clear the number its my son data detail, its 11-06-2012 and born times 21:52, like old man said "every child its possible fortune for thats family , hope this son too

Posted by Rakesh (11/07/2012)

My lucky numbers are 9,10,32,49. I had played these numbers with the other three numbers that are 2,14,17 in the euromillion draw ,but i am able to match only 9,10,32,49. So these are my lucky numbers. The lucky numbers are those whom you like very much are which are our winning lottery numbers.

Posted by Samson (11/07/2012)

I have played various lottos and I had luck with even numbers ( 10 times which is even ) and odd numbers ( 15 times which is odd). The numbers which came up frequently are 9, 24, 31, 45, 64 and 89 and these I consider as my lucky numbers. But luck always bring up new numbers each time you play and my prsent lucky numbers may change in the future. Playlotos news items has given ideas to select numbers. Many options are open. Choose numbers from birthday of family members, vehicle numbers, train numbers, room numbers of hotels, street numbers, flight numbers, numbers given for the new galaxies found. Who knows from which choice you find luck to win big lottery. Whatever numbers we play, if it is our time to win, luck will be with us. I wish all those who play with their lucky win.

Posted by Judit (11/07/2012)

I'm playing "The lottery ticket" movie number, since released this movie in 2010. The number are : 4,33,32,42,45,(21) I think this numbers can be lucky in the real life it gives me hope.

Posted by Vladimir (11/07/2012)

"The lottery ticket" and I said that there 4,33,32,42,45, (21) and the film was shot in 2010 and there was about $ 370 million jackpot and me they are 700 million since 3.30 2012 there was $ 656 million so I would win if there was a $ 700 million. Divide the film and I like him wanted to steal the black ticket ...

Posted by Vladimir (11/07/2012)

This also can help you win because you get one ticket free for superenalotto salaries for more new players. {COMMENT EDITED BY MODERATOR}.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (12/07/2012)

WHY THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS ARE IMPORTANT TO ME AND MY LOTTO LUCKY NUMBERS: 3 - 11 - 14 - 23 - 27 <1, 4> 3 - This is the date when I was born (03-June-1961. 11 - This is the date when I was employed in the civil Service (11 June, 1985) todate I am still serving as a civil servant. 14 - This has twoford historical remembrance. 14th May 2001 is the birth date of my last born son. while 14th December 2011 its the date when my employer approved my training at the University where I am studying now for a bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. 23 - This has twoford historical remembrance as well. 23 September, 1988 and 1994 are the birth date for my two sons. First born and third born sons. 27 - This has twoford historical remembrance as well. 27th December 1987 the date which I got married to my wife Dorees and 27th April, 1988 the date which I remember the date that my mother passed away when I was only 4 months in my marriage. 1 - is the number of my only daughter Tadala. Tadala means we are blesed in our Malawian and Chewa language. 4 - is the number of sons which I and my wife Dorees have so we are blessed with 5 childern

Posted by Balasubramaniam (12/07/2012)

MY LUCKY NUMBERS ARE 5,16,27,,39,48,51.

Posted by Anil (13/07/2012)

Guys, the entire town won a Spanish lottery earlier, this is due to many people involved. Why dont we try the same? I mean we playhuge subscribers try a set of number for big lotteries? I think we can try with Vladmir lucky number, agree????

Posted by Vladimir (13/07/2012)

Lucky number date of birth or girlfriends you love some nice women.

Posted by Kabo (13/07/2012)

5, 10, 11, 13, 19, 73 All numbers relate to my birthday, except 13 which is oddly enough my lucky number.

Posted by Moses (15/07/2012)

Life is a game of luck! Lucky numbers 6 or7 chosen correctly can make ur self a fortune......I have some lucky numbers which I play in superena they are 4 19 20 36 75 78........ I hope to hit the jackpot one day with this really have to be extreamely lucky to win a jackpot as it can be a near miracle to win one......I have faith n hope n believe in luck thae soon I will win a massive jackpot,with the help of playhugelottos Lottos....I will win and I will make all my dreams come true.....luck is on my side.....

Posted by Vladimir (16/07/2012)

Each number can be happy unless jackpot win so it does not matter.

Posted by Vladimir (16/07/2012)

Even 13 may be a lucky number.

Posted by Danica (19/07/2012)

Random numbers can be happily dvôkazom are several cases where the system will select a number.

Posted by Jitender (1/11/2012)

my lucky no. is 8 because eight is the no. of great sani dev

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