Entire Town Wins El Gordo – Except One Man

If you search in the dictionary for the word ‘unlucky’ then you must surely find the name ‘Costis Mitsotakis’ listed there. All the residents from his small town celebrated a shared El Gordo lottery win while he sat without a ticket.

Sodeto, a small town just North of Madrid, Spain, made headlines earlier this year as all the residents shared in a $950 million El Gordo Navidad jackpot win. On closer inspection one finds that the world’s luckiest town contains the world’s unluckiest man. Costis Mitsotakis was the only resident who had not bought a winning ticket.

Sodeto, Lucky Capital Of The World

Containing just 70 households and 250 people, Sodeto is hardly a metropolitan capital of the world. But it’s in small towns exactly like this where strange (and lucky) things so often occur. And ‘strange’ is just one word to describe what happened when the town’s Homeowners Association went door-to-door selling entries into the El Gordo Navidad “Christmas” lottery.

A Christmas fairytale soon unfolded as the entire town won a share of the amazing $950 million jackpot. When the mayor was announcing the lucky win it became clear, however, that one poor soul had not been included amongst the winning tickets. The Homeowners Association had neglected to knock on Costis Mitsotakis’ door, effectively excluding him from a share in the jackpot.

Every dog has his day. Costis mulls over his missed opportunity…

Costis Mitsotakis

Every household that had purchased a ticket won a minimum of $130,000.00. The more tickets purchased by a household, the more multiples of $130,000.00 they received. In total, the area received a winnings cash injection of $150 million. Wow, something tells me that real estate values just went up in this corner of the world!

Selling Land In A Wealthy Town

Mr. Mitsotakis, a Greek filmmaker, is fairly diplomatic about his loss. He says that a win would have been nice but that he has still managed to benefit from the town’s good fortune. He was trying to sell a piece of land in town and now has plenty of offers coming from his newly rich neighbours.

If you are looking to try your luck on a Spanish lottery then get tickets into the weekly El Gordo lottery. The draw is held once a week on Sunday afternoon and the current jackpot is €10,000,000.

Don’t end up the only one without a ticket like Costis Mitsotakis.



Posted by Lorinne W. (1/07/2012)

If that was me, I'd sue the Homeowners' Association. How was that fair? Just ONE person in the entire town? It seems deliberate to me. If they had knocked and he refused to buy a ticket, then it would be his fault but they put him at a disadvantage to everyone else by overlooking him. I know he needs reason to sue but a good lawyer could find one-say it was intentional malice on the Association or something. They could have still cut him in. I hope people know there's such a thing as KARMA. Every one of those townspeople could end up losing their winnings-it's happened to other lotto winners (but won't happen to me WHEN I win :-)

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