How People the world over Spend their Lotto Winnings

Just picture it for a moment: You’ve achieved the seemingly impossible – you have actually won a lottery jackpot!  What comes next? What happens now?  After the excitement subsides (this may take a few days), all of these arduous-yet-important questions need answering.  Do you continue to work?  Do you save, or do you invest wisely?  Do you travel the world, or buy a new home?  

Over 3000 millionaires have been produced in the UK alone (thanks to the spectacular UK National Lotto lottery game), and of these lucky lotto loot winners, over £8.5 billion - averaging £2,800,000 each - has been doled out.  Generally speaking, most winners spend their winnings on three main items:

  • Cars
  • Properties
  • Holidays


In terms of purchasing new motor vehicles, it is estimated that a total £463 million has been used to purchase new cars; £3,3 billion to the acquisition of property, and a further £21,000,000 to dream vacations and getaways. Here is a great PlayHugeLottos infographic of how past lottery winning millionaires tend to spend their generous windfalls on:

PlayHugeLottos UK Lotto winners infographic




what lottery winners spend on

Millionaires the world over usually always spend the first portion of their winnings on purchasing a brand new car. In the UK alone, the total amount of new cars leaving dealership floors across the country thanks to lotto jackpot wins is a whopping 17,190. However; often uncontent with just a single purchase, winners tend to do repeat buys - with the average number of cars per millionaire ranging in the 5.75 bracket, and the cost per car hovering around £46,116. 


what lottery winners spend on

Research has shown that 82% of winners tend to change their main residence upon winning the lottery, and spend approximately £900,000 on their new homes. Winners are less frivolous when it comes to the amount of homes they own, with an average of 2.7% of properties owned by winners within the UK. Of the 3000 or so lottery winners, a hefty 7,958 homes have been purchased within the UK alone; and a total of 5,498 properties have been purchased by winners and used either as holiday homes, investments or gifts to friends and family. A total of 3,700 mortgages have been paid up for family and friends by lottery winners in the UK, proving that UK lotto winners are very generous with their jackpot rewards.


what lottery winners spend on

A holiday around the world is certainly a possibility with the amount available to win – such is the prosperous nature of jackpot earnings available with first place lottery wins.  An estimated £21,000,000 pounds has been spent by the 3000 National Lottery millionaires to fund their lavish travelling experience; with 69% of winners opting to reside in five star hotels for the duration of their holidays. If not, why not? In terms of the most common destinations, 3% choose Canada and the Maldives, 5% visited Portugal, 6% the Canary Islands, 9% the Caribbean and 27% the USA.  Only 10% of winners actually choose to purchase new caravans to tour around with locally.

These numbers show that these UK millionaires were/are very charitable as well seeing as though a total of 510 subsequent millionaires have been made owing as a result of generosity from the winners. All these exclude winners' children, of which about 3,270 are current or would-be millionaires due to their parents' win. Whoever said playing the lottery was a fool’s errand would most likely feel pretty foolish right about now; given all these lottery facts and statistics, proving that a big win is completely plausible and totally within reason, no matter what the odds may reveal.


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Posted by Balasubramaniam (3/09/2014)

Charity ,Cars, Property and Holidays!!!

Posted by Beni (3/09/2014)


Posted by Ying Kwong (3/09/2014)

Donation 1st and then invest cautiously.

Posted by NAgaZ8l (3/09/2014)

Love the pic of the property** #SoPretty

Posted by Rajesh.r (3/09/2014)

Ding dong wow wow

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/09/2014)

I will certainly follow the winners trend.. First a long enjoyable holiday...and time to figure out where to buy my future home...thereafter buy a few cars.

Posted by Edmore (4/09/2014)

Have to play first and then get the winnings and its not easy,God has to be on your side

Posted by Sreenivas (4/09/2014)

Wow!!! I am loving it!!!

Posted by Naveed (4/09/2014)

I would move my family to a better environment, pay my debt, save some for my childrens future, buy property at a prime location, ofcourse a brand new car and last but not least Charity indeed.

Posted by Sreenivas (5/09/2014)

The property is superb!!!

Posted by Krishnan (5/09/2014)

It is said that getting struck by a shooting start is more probably than hitting a jackpot. Nevertheless some body does hit it. If I hit a huge jackpot I will form a Trust for social cause and see as much alleviation of poverty as possible !

Posted by Ionut (5/09/2014)

say what? 3000 millionaires only in Uk? that is one lucky area... I want to be generous with my friends too

Posted by QXE (6/09/2014)

Off-shore property and a healthy Children Trust Fund

Posted by Mohammed (7/09/2014)

I would rather pay some of my winning to some charity who is very much in need and later i will decide to buy the home than cars then holiday.

Posted by -3_JIV (8/09/2014)

Buy a my wife's dream house plus my business on going charity which will help lots of people in my business circle.

Posted by GqUyM (12/09/2014)

Taking the holidays should serve one purpose: see where to buy all your holiday homes! :D Then you need the beautiful cars to get to and from those homes. Lastly, some airplane tickets for friends and family to come visit you at said homes and drive in said car... :D

Posted by Patrick (25/09/2014)

What a wonderful article it reflects the true life story of a lottery winner. Thanks to PHL for giving us that opportunity.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (26/09/2014)

There is a lot of good things one can do after one enjoys a holiday, buys some nice wheels and invest in property. Like doing some humanitarian work for social upliftment and in the process feel some REAL satisfaction.

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (1/10/2014)

If I won a jackpot I would buy a race track and a lot of high performance cars to race around.

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