Login And Play With Face Verfication

We’ve taken a look at facial recognition and how and where it’s been used via the net. Let’s now take closer look at online verification programmes that also use facial recognition amongst others.

Just the other day I went to a friend’s office and had to look into a screen to secure my entry into the building. I even had the choice between using my face or my thumb print. This security feature is becoming more and more popular and so too will facial recognition be used to login on the net and naturally pay for our purchases.

Face verification

The reason for this is that companies, especially online gaming sites, need increased security measures to differentiate between multiple accounts created by the same individual, and increases the speed at which the player pays for their purchases, confirm age requirements, and confirm that the person is who he or she claims to be.
It’s for these reasons that proprietary computer vision technology can be deployed to scan a face or to accurately read and record identity documents.

Consumer advantages

As the world changes and gets faster, players are consistently requiring faster and more convenient ways to login and reduce friction in the payment process.
By simply selecting “Scan ID” a player will not have to enter by hand all the required fields each time they login, take up an offer, or pay for the goods. With one convenient scan all this can be done.

Think back a few years, who thought that 98% of stores would all have the chip-and-pin payment, but there they are and signing of the dotted line is even becoming a quaint little memory of how we used to pay for things.

What the future holds

In just a few years time, a quick glance into the camera and a quick voice command will be the only thing standing between you and playing for favourite online lottery jackpots, and hopefully cashing your winnings out will be just as fast!

I’m already picturing players double checking their entries, realising that they have won the jackpot and immediately scanning themselves in to cash out their winnings, receiving the windfall within seconds. Think that’s farfetched? Don’t. Technology is moving rapidly and you never know what the future holds. Years from now, we will simply laugh at how people in the old days had to remember logins and passwords.

For now, remember your passwords and login right now and play tonight’s $180,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot or tomorrow night’s €107,000,000 SuperEna Max jackpot.

See you on the flip side ;)

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Posted by Beni (22/08/2014)

Credit cart.....

Posted by Ying Kwong (22/08/2014)

I prefer lottery winning numbers recognition system : )

Posted by Balasubramaniam (23/08/2014)

Technology is moving rapidly !!!!

Posted by Julian (24/08/2014)

what is in your heart it must come out on your face that is a true person

Posted by IWw0Ut- (24/08/2014)

At the rate technology is evolving, anything may be possible.With technology also the "predators" out there are trying to outsmart all the security in place. it is true..that's why there is a need to up the security constantly.

Posted by Sreenivas (8/09/2014)

It would speed up the process of playing lottos....

Posted by Panagiotis (18/09/2014)

Wow,reading this made me feel really outdated,things in technology just keep evolving in light speed...

Posted by Vladislav (20/10/2014)

And que identity theft

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