Top Ten Most Giving Countries in the World (Part.1)

Many countries worldwide have had their share of wealthy philanthropists who globe-trot in an effort to nurture and aid those less fortunate countries in need of basic tools or amenities, such as food, clothing, housing, healthcare and education.  Many of these are third world countries or countries that have suffered natural disasters and devastations.  It’s surprising then when looking at the Charities Aid Foundation’s 2013 which lists the most giving countries according to the Giving Index which accounts the number of people in a specific country that would help a stranger, donate money and volunteer to charitable organizations.  How many of these countries would you have guessed to be in the top ten?  Here’s is the surprising review of the top ten most giving and charitable countries according to their World Index Giving Score:

10. Sri Lanka – 48%

most giving countries

Sri Lanka has been hit hard with natural disaster and extreme poverty, but even within these crises the country’s solidarity has stood strong.  45% Of Sri Lankans donate money and 46% volunteer their time to good causes like in February this year when residents of the Spittal community provided funding for a new well for the Thelulla Janapodaya village which was devastated by a tsunami.  Sri Lanka also holds the record for the most generous developing country in the world.  Amazing to see how a country that has so little can give so much.

9.  Qatar – 51%

most giving countries

Qataris don’t devote too much time to volunteering to charities with only 19% making time to help.  They do however make up for that by donating money to charity and help strangers.  60% Of the helpful nation donate and 73% are willing to come to the aid of a stranger.  Traditional Arab hospitality is thus alive and well and reflected in Qatar’s sentiment and value in community.

8.  Netherlands – 54%

most giving countries

It’s Dutch tradition to donate spare cash to charities and organizations at the end of each year, with the most popular causes being development aid, disease prevention and conservation.  Even in the face of severe financial cutbacks the Dutch still maintain their charitable spirit with the numbers of donations actually increasing during the financially difficult 2010/2011 period.  The country rates second to Malta as being the biggest country of charitable donors with 69% of people donating money to charity.  39% of people devote time to volunteering and 57% help out strangers.

7.  Australia – 55%

most giving countries

Australia comes in at 7th place since as of 2010 Australian donations to charity have risen by 11% even despite the countries high cost of living.  The country has a total 45,000 charities and non-profit organizations from which to choose donating to.  67% Australian donate to charity, 34% volunteer regularly and Aussie friendliness sees 64% of the people from down under willing to help out a stranger. 

6.  United Kingdom – 57%


most giving countries

67% Of the British donate money and 65% help out strangers making the UK the most giving country in Europe when it comes to charitable donations.  Branches of Oxfam are spread throughout most major cities, and streets are filled with charity shops.  Only 29% of Brits, however, dedicate their time to volunteer work around the country.  The UK has risen from 8th in 2012 to 6th in 2013 as the most giving nation.

most giving countries in the world

Keep an eye open for Part.2 where we conclude the top five most giving countries in the world, with a very surprising and resounding number one spot!  In the meantime ...

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