Lucky Friday 13th Lotto’s

The 13th of January will be falling on a Friday. All around the Western world people regard Friday the 13th as a particularly unlucky day! Here at we would like you all to reconsider this position.

As one of the most famous day and date combinations in the world what better day could you pick to play your favourite lottery? We have already taken a look at lucky number 11 – so now let’s investigate the possibility of a lucky 13!

Playing The Lotto On A Friday 13th

Since the late 19th Century the world’s imagination has been captured by the idea of this particularly unlucky day. No one is 100% certain about how exactly this day came to be regarded as unlucky with some people citing possible religious origins dating back thousands of years.

Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon with a ‘slasher’ horror film series called ‘Friday the 13th’. These films featured the now famous ‘Jason’ character chasing unsuspecting teenagers through the woods with an axe and a hockey mask. Now would like to assure all of its players that there is no need to lock your doors, avoid talking to strangers or otherwise hide from the world on this day. Here at the only thing chasing you on Friday the 13th are massive Jackpots!


Friday 13th

Statistics have shown that there is no verifiable measure of increases in bad things happening on a Friday the 13th. So if Friday the 13th being unlucky is simply superstition why not spend the day picking your lucky numbers instead? What better irony could there be than matching the winning lotto numbers on a Friday the 13th?

What Lotto To Play On Friday 13th

Lotto players have 2 Jackpot choices if they want to try out their luck on Friday 13th:

•    $42,000,000.00 Jackpot on the Megamillions Lottery
•    €28,000,000.00 Jackpot on the Euromillions Lottery

Possible lucky numbers for this most auspicious day include:

•    1
•    3
•    13
•    31
•    49 (4+9 = 13)

Alternatively, simply click on the Rapid Play buttons below to get started, or how about taking 13 Quickpicks instead?

However you choose to use your luck this Friday, we hope you have a fantastic day!


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Posted by Krishnan (13/01/2012)

Number 13 is “unlucky” so it is believed from a very old time probably from the 14th century or even earlier. “ Friday 13th is believed to be taboo” because it was on that day in October 1307 the Knights of Templar were arrested and condemned to death by Philippe IV, King of France. In Norse myth, Loki ( the Evil and the Tricky one) came as an uninvited guest to the banquet held in Valhalla in honour of Baldur (God of Nobility, Redemption and Valour) by the other 11 Norse Gods thus making total gathering to 12. Loki (the Evil- trickster) came to the banquet as the uninvited thirteenth guest. Afterwards, Baldur was slain by Höðr with the Magic Sword given to him by Loki The sinister symbolism of thirteen continues in the Biblical narrative. In The Last Supper Twelve disciples and the Christ, constituted 13 numbers to share the last meal. This was on a Friday and later Christ was crucified. Was thirteen here a Omen? There were horror films “Friday the 13th” and “Thirteen Ghosts” may be more I may not be aware. People are so much frightened by the number 13, many buildings are not having the 13th floor and room number 13 even today. It is not possible to pronounce any judgement based on logic or reasoning about number 13. There are 13 Moon in a Solar Year ! India however does not consider 13 as unlucky like the West. It becomes number 4 ( 1 + 3) according to Numerology which assigns characteristics to the nine single digit numbers starting from 1. I have been researching in Palmistry and Numerology ever since 1958 and have come across interesting experiences. I have however practiced them for earning any money. I will not delve too much on that here due restriction of space and time. Suffice to say that the numbers 1 to 9 are believed to have the following characteristics. 1 – Represents “SUN”,- Kingly, Royal, Disciplined, Authoritative, Strong and Original 2 - Represents “MOON” – Queenly, Royal, Charming, Wavouring,Delicate 3 - Represents “JUPITER”- Spiritual, Preaching and Counselling,Friendly, Self-centred, Disciplined. 4.- Represents Rahu (node)-Rebellious, Secretive, Obstructive and Destructive, Short-tempered, Secretive. 5.- Represents “MERCURY’ – Princely, entertaining, wily and intelligent, sensitive 6 - Represents “VENUS” – Romantic and Sensual,Slow, Sweet spoken, Diplomatic, Manipulative. 7.- Represents “Ketu” (Another node)- Mystical, Dreaming, Intuitive, Inventive and secretive 8.- Represents “SATURN” – Wise, Mostly Malefic, Proximity to Servitude,, Laborious, Struggling and Suffering. However The Lord Sun if He wishes can bestow Material success to some people as He is the controller of all Material and Wealth. 9.- Represents “MARS”- Fighting, Strong and Rought, Rustic, Aiming to be Perfectionist, Doubting and Discriminating. These are just characteristics of the numbers ( Psychic , that is the birth date). These are influenced by the Destiny Number ( that is, addition of birth date, month number and the year, total reduced to a single digit) and then the Name number ( each alphabet being represented by the number in sequence and added together and reduced to a single digit). I stop here though abruptly and let me just wish with all sincerity, our friends participating in today’s jackpot all the luck.

Posted by Maxwell (13/01/2012)

myths exist in all socities in the world. This is just one of them.

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