Celebrating Mega Millions With A Lottery Themed Party!

We here at PlayHugeLottos.com are passionate about all things lottery – and this weekend certainly won’t fall short when providing lottery playing thrills. Friday night showcases the huge jackpots for which the EuroMillions and Mega Millions are famous, and for which we love playing huge lottos. There’s cause for celebration! This weekend is momentous, with two very handsome jackpots up for grabs to the player that can match all the winning lotto numbers. We’re sure you don’t need any more reason to host a party.

To add to the excitement of your celebration, plan the party for Friday night when EuroMillions and Mega Millions will go head to head for the spot in the limelight! Your party can have a lottery theme – everyone dresses in their most lavish gowns and suits, helps to decorate your entertainment area with Mega Millions and EuroMillions lotto balls and lottery-themed snacks, of course including a bottle or two of bubbly in the event of a cash prize.

Tell us what you think of this party theme – you’ll earn lotto points!

It’s really easy with help from your friends, and fun to get really excited before the draws occur later on in the day – depending on where you are in the world. It only takes a few steps of planning and hey presto! You’ve got a lottery-themed party that will have the whole neighbourhood buzzing!

1.    Host the party on the night of an exciting lotto draw – like this Friday night when the Mega Millions and EuroMillions are being drawn.

2.    Since you play lotto online, a fun idea for a lottery party activity can be to make your own lottery tickets based on the entry or entries you’ve sent through on PlayHugeLottos.com – you can use interesting paper, coloured pens, glitter etc and make yours a lottery ticket that stands out – you never know, the increased attention to your lucky lotto numbers may just win you that huge jackpot!

Giving the gold out

3.    Cover your dining room table with green velvet or felt and decorate the centre with some chocolate gold coins, a pair of dice and an opened deck of cards. The aim is to make your table look like a treasure island so you can add more treasure-theme items if you have some around the house.

4.    At each setting, place a party bag filled with poker chips, or plastic chips of sorts, fun snacks and each person’s home-made lottery ticket based on the online submissions. These chips will be used to cash in for prizes at the end of the night.

5.    Under one of the guests’ chairs place a green card with “YOU WON BIG!” printed in black ink.

6.    Prepare a large prize for the person who gets the green prize winning card – it can be anything you think your friends would enjoy!

7.    Dress you and your partner as Lady Luck, in a long green gown, and her high-rolling counterpart in a tuxedo or suit and bowtie, a green scarf and a fedora wrapped in green-ribbon. Tuck into the fedora some fake bills to finish off the look.

8.    Make sure you have your PC nearby to view the lottery results for EuroMillions and Mega Millions this Friday.

9.    Dish out your own party prizes based on the results in the EuroMillions and Mega Millions draws!

Good luck to everyone who will be participating in Friday’s draws and enjoy your lottery-themed party!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (13/03/2014)

Jason's lottery-themed party is really a great one! Really hope at least one of our members here will hit a big jackpot!

Posted by XW48Qp6uW (13/03/2014)

theme party idea is brilliant. ......I like;-)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/03/2014)

The lottery theme party sounds unusual and original. I'm sure there wont be a problem filling your venue with friends, as all will want a snack of the cash. I'd like to add though that the party should be at least 48hrs...or longer if everyone's not too exhausted with the fun!!!! To add to the excitement, i guess some prize should be given to the last one standing...like a motor vehicle or something lucrative.

Posted by RrVpP0U (14/03/2014)

it would be great,but let me win first

Posted by Vignesh (14/03/2014)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (14/03/2014)

Jackpot first ! Party next !! It's my idea !!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/03/2014)

$400m....wow!!!! thats a gigantic amount of cash to celebrate! all eyes are on the megamillions, now that the eurosuperdraw has been won. this is really spiriting patrons up now...and make it tense also.

Posted by Dorota (15/03/2014)

Mega weekend this weekend

Posted by Edmore (15/03/2014)

Just checked my entries,i guess the party has to be put on hold till wednesday

Posted by Patrick (15/03/2014)

Wow! what a great idea to set the mind for a great win.

Posted by Dorota (24/03/2014)

My favourite lottery

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