5 Reasons To Play The UK Lottery SuperDraw

It’s a Ten Million Pound UK Lottery Superdraw this Saturday the 5th November! Get your tickets in and be part of the excitement this weekend!

The UK National Lottery organisors are feeling generous this month and have decided to hold a very rare UK Lottery Superdraw! Now would thus be a good time to review the UK Lottery and find out why it is such a valuable lottery to partake in.

There Is A Ten Million Pound SuperDraw Jackpot

Its jackpots may still be life-changing but in today’s world of Pan-European and Multi-State US lotteries the UK Lottery can often fall to the background. All the more reason for players to take part when there is a big pot on the table. Ten Million Pounds would be enough to make anyone smile!

UK Lottery Superdraw

The UK Lottery Is Simple To Play

Following the simple 6/49 lotto structure, the UK lottery could not be easier or simpler to play. All you have to do is select 6 numbers between 1 and 49. If your numbers are picked you will be smiling! There is an added bonus-ball that is also drawn which adds to the excitement by creating another prize tier.

There Are Good Odds On The UK Lottery

There are 13,983,816 possible number combinations on the UK Lottery. It may not sound like much, but those odds are actually very good in the lottery world. The UK Lottery may have generally smaller jackpot sizes but it has good odds that make up for it. The overall odds of winning a prize is 1:54.

There Are Consolation Prizes

Lets be honest about it, most of us are playing the lottery to take home a big lottery winning result. We want a jackpot prize, and the sooner the better. BUT it can’t hurt that there are multiple prize tiers in the UK Lottery, giving every player the chance to win some good money!

Matching 5-plus-the-bonus-ball can net you some serious cash, in some cases well over a million Pounds, depending on the number of other winners in the tier. The UK Lottery SuperDraw can only roll over four times. If its not won on the fifth draw then the jackpot will roll down to the 5-plus-the-bonus-ball winners!

Sunday morning just got more exciting

What could possibly be more exciting than waking up on a Sunday morning and finding out that your bank account has grown by six zeros overnight? With PlayHugeLottos.com results emails sent directly to your inbox after UK Lotto draws, you will be the first to know of your good fortune on Sunday morning.

So there you have it: 5 very good reasons for playing the UK Lottery SuperDraw this Saturday the 5th November. Be sure to diarize the date or better yet, head on over to the lottery play page and place your entries now - Best of Luck!

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Posted by Ildefonso (7/11/2011)

Just out of interest,when was the last time a PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM player won a substantial amount on any of the lotteries on offer?I recall a second tier prize win in the EUROMILLIONS,sometime during the year.

Posted by Playhugelottos.com (7/11/2011)

@Ildefonso - Yes, that was our most recent big winner. The winner was from Norway, he matched 5 plus the bonus on Euromillions and took home €689,551.00.

Posted by TkM2i (11/11/2011)

Certainly, quite a number of people irrespective of creed, colour, race, managed to climbed the ladder of the riches through UK lottery. Their lives were dramatically changed for lifetime. You have to be in it to WIN it.

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