Brand new luck for a fresh new look

If you are reading this then you already know the good news... has just received a fresh new look!

Aging gracefully is all fine and well but sometimes an old dame needs a helping hand. Here at we like to keep things fresh and fun, this includes making sure our site is as attractive as it can be.

In recent weeks the site has been under the surgeon’s scalpel and today we are unveiling the fresh new look for the first time. You can now expect quicker load times and an overall more pleasant visual experience.

We have not moved anything around in terms of navigation buttons so all your favourite pages are located where they have always been. These can be accessed by selecting the relevant page from the top menu bar. In fact, everything is just as you left it when you last visited the site, it just looks a little better now!

If you’d like a retrospective look at how we’ve ironed out the wrinkles over time take a peek at the below progressions through the years, resulting in the gravity-defying site you now see before you:

The original site design back in 1998 with only one lottery on offer, only one payment method and only one language.

The site design that saw us through much of the first decade of the 21st century. The tagline still rings true today, “One ticket is all it takes to win”...

uk lottery website embraces a brown colour scheme. Who remembers the fantastic intro videos located in the top left of the screen?


And finally, the site as it looked up until 8am this morning. We hope you prefer the lighter colour scheme and wider spaces.

What do you think of the new look website? We’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below and we’ll hand out a free US Powerball ticket to 5 random commentators on Friday.


The response to the changes we made have been astounding! Thank you. We randomly selected 5 winners and they are:  Brian, Mayank, Ansleah, Andreas Josef and Lau. Congratulations and all the best with your entries!


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Remember, you can earn lotto points for commenting on our news items.


Posted by Jimmy (15/10/2013)

It looks fantastic and beautiful. I love it.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/10/2013)

congratulations team!!!! looks cool. well done.

Posted by David (15/10/2013)

At first I thought it was a different website and I said to myself, "This is much better than I will go for this one now". Then I realised it is the very Wow! This is wonderful. Thumbs up.

Posted by Nilesh (15/10/2013)

The website really looks refreshing and energetic and ofcourse LUCKY!!!!!

Posted by Nilesh (15/10/2013)

Hope the new website looks brings new lucky change in my life too.

Posted by Jose Benex (15/10/2013)

Nice. I like the new look. Blue skies, the beach or marina, and sunlight makes it positive and attractive.

Posted by Boris (15/10/2013)

New look, good refreshing thing with dream to win with playhugelottos!

Posted by N5-HJ (15/10/2013)

At first I thought I was being redirected to a Suspect Site! Load Times are "Much Quicker" Lets Hope the Fresh Approach brings Fresh Luck Well Done

Posted by 9mck (15/10/2013)

Just love the new color scheme, Bring a fresh optimism to it, the soft colors renews energy, represents hope, And don't we all need that. Congratulations on a job well done...

Posted by Marcin (15/10/2013)

New website brings us the Spring seasons hottest

Posted by JjU1lh (15/10/2013)

The blue sky and ocean easy on the eye. Cool!

Posted by Евгений (15/10/2013)

Wonderful site changes - used three positive color design - White , considered that - it's the light from the daytime sky and the sun , a symbol - denoting purity, chastity , wisdom, and because he "did not conceal a different color ", that implies innocence and justice: The blue color is a soothing color, promotes physical and mental relaxation, creates an atmosphere of safety and trust, symbol - the dream and the ideal ; Green is the color of life , fertility and wealth, in the form of green , a man settles down and gets positive emotions , character - hope and prosperity . Well done, thanks!

Posted by Maruthusuresh (15/10/2013)

I just visited morning today and I have surprised to see total changes in the site...actually sky blue color is defined for cool, likely,and untiredable for our eyes to look through the im the lucky one to use the old brown colored theme and this new cool sky blue breeze coloured theme.This is the effective change for us due to boring of same colour same systematic buttons..very nice change and very very impressive theme. I. Thank you play huge lotto!

Posted by Nikhil (15/10/2013)

The mew look is in sync with web 2.0 Lets call this PHL 2.0 More importantly, the new look has a more credible and easy-to-use feel to it. Kudos

Posted by Ivars (15/10/2013)

The same site, fresh looks, nice change.

Posted by Mayank (15/10/2013)

Tell you what! I called up your customer care support as soon as I logged in and found out that the site's features had changed in a matter of hours from when I last saw it. I liked it so much that I just had to tell you guys what fantastic taste you've got. You can check out my chat history with Shuchi this morning, it was before this article was posted. ;)

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (15/10/2013)

Lovely fresh and freedom feeling to the new site - well done!

Posted by Mayank (15/10/2013)

I really was surprised when I first saw the homepage looking totally different! It was a good surprise of course, considering the time in years that I've been on the site and having experienced one change before and then now. Talk about refreshing, you guys have nailed it this time moving from the rocks to the palms, thank you. I needed that... :)

Posted by Panikos (15/10/2013)

Just Fabulous! Congratulations!

Posted by RxcDcGUk (15/10/2013)

well done guys it looks great!!!

Posted by RxcDcGUk (15/10/2013)

well done guys it looks great!!!

Posted by Bq29l9L (15/10/2013)

Wow. This site looks great. It's much more up-to-date than the old one. You right when you say it has a fresher look, it's much more hip now. I'm sure this site will attract a lot more people. Congrats.

Posted by Debashish D (15/10/2013)

The brand new look is simple,yet elegant...everything looks new, yet familiar. Just wish one thing that this new look brings some wonderful luck for the dedicated players on this ever growing family known as "Play Huge Lotto Family"

Posted by TkM2i (16/10/2013)

Green leave, Go Green, Greener Pastures! Surely with PlayHugelottos, someone accumulate is bound to accumulate massive wealth. Hence they will cross over to the life full of brightness which is the white color in website. The stem symbolizes the authenticity, durability and Giantism of the PlayHugellottos Company.

Posted by A.k.a. (16/10/2013)

Fantastic looks and very atractic keep it and lead lottery world.

Posted by A.k.a. (16/10/2013)

Fantastic looks and very attractive keep it and lead lottery world.

Posted by Surendranath (16/10/2013)

eye pleasing and made me ready for a cruise ride :-)

Posted by Carl (16/10/2013)

I love the new look ,hope all members can win some big money now!

Posted by Johnny (16/10/2013)

Ohh..Its..Always a Great..Great..Place to be here in Looks..Maybe..maybe..New Lucks for Me..soon or sooner..There's always a Best in the future..We Love to be online with even we're just a part but still keep on Dreaming..the Dreams I have to be..Indeed..this site is very interesting and I don't know more to see...Thanks

Posted by Vikas (16/10/2013)

thks lot.. to change tht colour.. now its look attractive..i like it so much..

Posted by _QaUaY7gFtAk (16/10/2013)

The new is refreshing and hopefully it will make me win a jackpot this time.

Posted by Marcin (16/10/2013)

I like new webiste

Posted by Ken (16/10/2013)

Just feels like an ios 7 on my iPhone. It looks clean,fresh,and eye-relaxing.

Posted by Andreas Josef (16/10/2013)

WOW......Easy to access and the new colors and changes has perception as being trustworthy, dependable, safe and reliable, a positive qualities of business.

Posted by Wong (16/10/2013)

Good New Look...I like it...

Posted by A.s. (16/10/2013)

it is very pleasing look and invites to take part-keep up the good work

Posted by AjSv8 (16/10/2013)

Absolutely Love the new look !!! It's fresh !!!

Posted by -3_JIV (16/10/2013)

This is an excellent work by your IT team.Its very clear,wider and attractive site to view easily. Well done the person got the master mind to do it.simply i love it of course we 100% sure that we need new changes.

Posted by Eguono Sarah (16/10/2013)

I prefer the immediate past look...inspires hopes for a win each time I see it.

Posted by Samson (16/10/2013)

Playhugelotto has ironed out its wrinkles and come out as a new born baby with all the innocence and beauty. The new face should be lucky for all the lotto players to win jackpots. Keep up the good work and kudos to all in the Playhugelotto company.

Posted by Anuj (16/10/2013)

Previous one was also good. New website is even better. In New website i feel like i am standing near a beach. A sea kind of design it is.. Great work by PHL IT team.

Posted by Marcin (16/10/2013)

I think the best comment was written by Maruthu

Posted by Rajesh.r (16/10/2013)

I love me

Posted by Johnny (17/10/2013)

Good News means..Good Chances of Winning..New Fresh Looks means ..there's New Fresh Lucks of you who wishes..who Dreams..WHO Plays Huge with your finacial problems terminated when you win 2morrow...and suddenly multiply ur bucks...imagine..only here in

Posted by Balasubramaniam (17/10/2013)

VERY NICE TO SEE !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Oh (17/10/2013)

Should what a once in a lifetime lucky moment & winning look for huge winners...

Posted by Oh (17/10/2013)

It would be perfect if for punters whose would like to choice & experience to opt based on their lucky likes or moods

Posted by Lau (17/10/2013)

Fresh! Fast! Fantastic!

Posted by Julian (17/10/2013)

Colour , colour what colour Its blue colour, What a true and a pleasant colour, what wonderful thing you’ll have done /. Can you guess who I am ? I am a Libran and Librans mostly like light blue everywhere What a wonderful colour. I am thrilled about the change.

Posted by Maruthusuresh (18/10/2013)

Thank you very much for your comment about me dear brother Marcin...

Posted by Rakesh (18/10/2013)

The new look is very good and attractive.

Posted by Ashok (20/10/2013)

This colour scheme is contained with super natural gravity inviting us to get luck restored and replay to a chance to win. Ashok Kumar.

Posted by Vladimir (20/10/2013)

Certainly this new look nicer than it was before.

Posted by Edmore (21/10/2013)

new look is awesome, i guess it means its a new season of dreams being full filed

Posted by Hiskias (21/10/2013)

It is very attractive.

Posted by Jaroslaw (22/10/2013)

Looking good.

Posted by Orna (26/10/2013)

doesnt like it

Posted by Dorota (26/10/2013)

I like new site

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