Another Powerball winner comments competition

2013 has been a great year for the American Powerball. In fact, the last 11 months have seen the two biggest ever jackpots won on this exciting multi-State lotto. In honour of a potential new record jackpot if Wednesday night’s draw rolls over we are holding another one of our famous comments competitions.

Regular readers of the news items will be very familiar with Paul White, the star of our previous Powerball winner comments competition.

Paul was one of the three lucky ticket holders who took home a share of the $448 million Powerball jackpot offered on the 7th August – wow, talk about a ‘winning Wednesday!’

"I'm leaving her the second the cheque clears"...

Paul White Powerball winner

The 45 year old lotto player took two tickets in the draw and life hasn’t been the same since. He claimed to be feeling very tongue tied at the press-conference announcing his win so we asked YOU what you thought was being said between Paul and his blonde partner. Needless to say, the results were fantastic!

It’s time to search your souls once more for some winning comments – this time though it’s for another Powerball winner. Or rather, winning family.

Meet the Hill family

Mark and Cindy Hill along with their 3 sons and 6-year old adopted daughter from China became overnight millionaires when they took home half of $580 million USD.

The 28th November USA Powerball draw made history back then as the second biggest jackpot prize ever won (it has now fallen into 3rd place after Gloria Mackenzie took home the biggest Powerball jackpot ever in May this year).

At the time of their monumental win, Cindy had been unemployed since 2010 after having worked as an office manager. Mark had only recently found employment at a hot dog packaging plant – it must be true what they say about every dog having its day!

The tickets had been purchased by Cindy and the winning ticket was one of a total of five tickets she purchased for the epic $448 Powerball draw.

Now its time to get creative and put some words in the mouths of winners:

Powerball Mark and Cindy Hill

Tell us what you think Mark & Cindy’s daughter is saying in the above photo and we will give the winning comment 5 FREE vouchers for the USA Powerball.

The prize will be awarded to the most entertaining comment as voted for by the lovely Michelle, our comments administrator. Please note that comments made on our Facebook page will also count. You can comment as many times as you like. Comments close at 12pm GMT Friday 20th September. Winners will be announced on Monday 23rd September.

Remember, you can earn lotto points for commenting on our news items.


Drumroll please...   The winner of 5 FREE USA Powerball vouchers is Samson Selvaraj with following comment:

"My mama and dad told me I am now rich like richie rich and I will have a butler like cadbury and a dog named dollar. Aunt cleo will bring dollar and I want to console uncle worry be happy always."

Congratulations Samson and all the best with your free USA Powerball entries!


Posted by Sukanta (17/09/2013)

hha ha thanks to god

Posted by Prabhu Mohan (17/09/2013)

mama you are more important than the money you have won

Posted by Sukanta (17/09/2013)

ob my god

Posted by Graham (17/09/2013)

Maybe buy that island rather than fight over it?

Posted by Samson (17/09/2013)

The winning will give me more Barbie dolls and sweets for life.

Posted by MsEp (17/09/2013)

Now you can have all the tea in China

Posted by Евгений (17/09/2013)

I was born in China and the fate of America gave me a family Cindy and Mark Hill, and three brothers and I was happy. Mom Cindy Hill USA Powerball lottery tickets and took 28 November 2012 for our close-knit and loving family jackpot USA Powerball $ 193,750,000 dollars won. Cindy Hill mom and dad Mark Hill said that the whole family will go to China and Ireland to discover the country where we were born. I love my mom Cindy Hill and it is in our family, Hill - a real queen! And I want to ask mom and dad Cindy Hill Mark Hill little puppy chow-chow and a little panda bear.

Posted by QXE (17/09/2013)

"I am happy because Mummy said, after today I do not have to take hand me downs from cousin Minnie"

Posted by LXbeo (17/09/2013)

I will be able to fill my cars tank full with petrol

Posted by Maruthusuresh (17/09/2013)

God is so sweet..he gave me my parents and more money to adopt a child like me...

Posted by Judy (17/09/2013)

Disney World here we come!

Posted by RBFU (17/09/2013)

Am I dreaming, pinch me, i'm about to buy the biggest Panda Bear in China

Posted by -3_JIV (18/09/2013)

mom cindy hill asked daughter jaiden hill what you want for christmas? Jaiden Hill answer was "PONY"

Posted by Krishnan (18/09/2013)

Yah! My parents also say the same thing as you, that after they had adopted me luck had smiled on them

Posted by Samson (18/09/2013)

Mama, what can you buy for me a Barbie doll, a box of crayons ...... let me think ... I dont know , what else mama.

Posted by ChBy (18/09/2013)

"You always told me that I was able to live the American dream, now I finally understand what it means!"

Posted by Moses (18/09/2013)

"thank you mom n dad for winning this huge jackpot,now i can follow my dreams and become a successful person in whatever i chose to do"

Posted by Vladimir (18/09/2013)

I'd love to be the biggest winners Ranking in lotteries for the whole history.

Posted by Hf26 (18/09/2013)

Yeah, no more hot dags! Gee, thanks mommy.

Posted by Vladimir (18/09/2013)

If I won and highest ever jackpot in the world that I would meet one of the dreams of many let God willing.

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (18/09/2013)

My mother said that oneday when she wins the lottery she would take us on a world cruise and Disney Land! Yay, Disney land here e come.

Posted by RxcDcGUk (18/09/2013)

Thank you god for making my mom win the powerball

Posted by Евгений (18/09/2013)

Cindy Hill mom and dad Mark Hill - we are your children and my dream can now be realized for my brothers and my friends, where we will be having fun and very sweet to live - let's open a real fairytale magic chocolate factory called "Family Hill and the Chocolate Factory." Mom Cindy Hill has found the golden lottery ticket in the U.S. Powerball and can now make our lives sweet and fun and work for our chocolate factory called "Family Hill and the Chocolate Factory," we can invite John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II and Juliette Binoche.

Posted by RxcDcGUk (18/09/2013)

Does this mean e can go to Disney world???

Posted by Евгений (18/09/2013)

Thanks Mom Cindy Hill - though I'm six years old, but I thought our family than Hill will be treated all my Chinese friends and relatives when they come to visit our family Hill in America - in fact, their number can be over a million people. Now I am calm - All of our Chinese friends and relatives we feed them a lot of Chinese noodles and huge burgers.

Posted by Manu (18/09/2013)


Posted by Taner (18/09/2013)

Will I get my barbie doll now ???

Posted by Taner (18/09/2013)

My dreams come true, I Will get my barbie doll now..

Posted by Debashish D (18/09/2013)

hello mommy & daddy...i think i am too young to understand what has happened, but I am sure something really very exciting has happened in our lives and am very happy with this great thing (win) ...just wanted to know if this thing (win) can somehow give us a chance to meet my real parents, as i would also like to share this great achievement with them. and one more thing i would like to ask you, if we can share a part of our happiness (fortune) with my real parents, and also share with the orphanage from where i was adopted, so all my brothers and sisters still living their can lead a better life. thank you.

Posted by Cp2gn (18/09/2013)

That she wants a pony for Christmas.

Posted by Jinny (18/09/2013)

how many chocolates, candy and ice-cream i will get now..

Posted by Jinny (18/09/2013)

I wanted to win chocolates or icecreams, but we won lottery..

Posted by S.ganesan (19/09/2013)


Posted by Subrat (19/09/2013)

Mama,what a big surprise.

Posted by XnpL (19/09/2013)

Mommy is gonna buy me a doll house and lots of pretty dresses-I am going to look like the princess she always tells me I am-a very rich little pretty princess-I am just as happy as mommy and daddy!!

Posted by Евгений (19/09/2013)

Cindy Hill mom and dad Mark Hill I read on the internet that in China there are about 1,300 species of butterflies. Rare species of butterflies live mainly in the provinces of Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Taiwan, Hainan Island and other parts of the country. I want to be in our house the Hill family were flying all these butterflies - create a magical fairy, a symbol of freedom and a new life, joy and carefree, beauty and love - these are the butterfly. Let's settle down butterflies from the United States win the jackpot Powerball $ 193,750,000 dollars in our home and our life will change for the better!

Posted by Stefani (21/09/2013)

congratulations fr all winner powerball, im so happy to see that, wish one day i can be winner too, i just want to know whats the tips guide can be winner lottery?how can choose correct number until win like that? is there any special number? its my big dream i can be winner lottery.

Posted by Peteris (23/09/2013)

good luck!

Posted by Chandni (5/10/2013)

congratulations to the winner.

Posted by Hiskias (5/10/2013)

I am happy for the winners.

Posted by Hiskias (5/10/2013)

They can spend a month in the only 7 star hotel in the world.

Posted by Sanjay (24/10/2013)


Posted by Md Abdul (30/10/2013)

Its all Love :) we re the winners :)

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