Blackjack, The Insiders Guide

Fewer games have higher profit potentials than Blackjack. To the untrained eye, it’s just another game that can be played online, with the chance of earning money. However, there’s skill involved when playing Blackjack. If a player knows what to do - and what not to do - then the chances of winning increase.

Thankfully, any Blackjack player can improve their skills. Here are a few answers to some key questions that will help players get more money from their Blackjack experience:

Q. Why not to split 10s?

Often, players are dealt a pair of 10s when playing Blackjack. 10 value cards are essentially all cards that are 10 or above in value. These include 10, Jack, Queen, and King. When dealt with a pair of 10s, players can either stand or split. If a player stands, they’re left with a 20. If a player splits, two hands are now in play, each one beginning with a 10.

Casual players always split 10s because it seems like a smart thing to do. Now, the reality is that a player has a higher chance of winning when they stand a pair of 10s. If a player has 20 on the board, then it’s hard for a dealer to beat such a strong hand. When 10s a split, the chances of winning decrease to 63% on each split hand. So, for the best odds, don’ split 10s.

Blackjack, The Insiders Guide

Q: Why to always split 8s?

A top Blackjack strategy revolves around always splitting 8s. Why? Because players with a total hand of 16 are in an unfavourable position. It’s easy to go bust as any card above a value of 5 will result in a bust and take the player above 21. By splitting, a player reduces the chances of going bust and gets another chance at playing two hands.

Q: Why would a player hit on a 16?

16 is seen as the worst hand in Blackjack as players don’t know whether to stand or hit. Generally speaking, a player should stand when the dealer has a car that’s between 2 and 6. Then, players should hit when the card is higher. This won’t guarantee victory every single time, but it does ensure players have a better chance of winning - and are less likely to lose a lot of money.

Q: Why to stand on a 12?

When most players have a 12 hand, they choose to hit. This is because the only card that can bust the player is a 10. However, it’s sometimes best to stand when on a 12. If a player always hits, then they’re going to lose at around the same rate as if you stand. However, the difference is that the chances of winning are less when you continuously hit. As such, it may seem like the odds are in a player’s favour when they hit with a 12, but the overall chances of winning/losing are better when they stand.

Blackjack is a highly skilled game that requires plenty of practice. When a player keeps on playing and learns all the different tactics, they can reduce the chances of losing and increase the chances of winning every time!

Are you ready to try some of these tactics for yourself?

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