Lottery Quick Pick, Quick Winner!

When playing the lottery, any lottery, the right numbers make all the difference. All it takes are the right numbers at the right time to transform your life. At, we’ve scoured the planet for the best lotteries to bring you even more chances to win. Whatever lottery you choose, finding the right numbers can unlock the win that will change your life forever.

While many players and syndicates have their favourite set of numbers that they like to play every week, those who prefer a more fluid approach may get the chance to win big with a quick pick.

What is Quick Pick?

Don’t have the time or inclination to choose your own lottery numbers? A quick pick chooses them for you, randomly assigning a set of numbers for whichever lottery you choose to play.

Lottery Quick Pick, Quick Winner!

Do people really win with Quick Picks?

You bet they do! Some players are slow to trust Quick Picks as they feel that choosing their own numbers helps them to feel more in control of their fate. However, many have won big with Quick Picks. In fact, according to the New York Post, around 70 percent of lottery winners used Quick Pick to choose their numbers.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Quick Picks are so popular with 70-80% of players choosing to use them. So how does Quick Picks work, and what are the pros and cons of playing your favourite lottery this way?

Let’s find out...

How does Quick Pick Work?

When you play with, playing your favourite lotteries with Quick Picks couldn’t be quicker or easier.

  • Choose how many entries you want to play. You can play as many as 50 or just the one.
  • Decide how many quick picks you want and how many draws you want and you’re ready and raring to go!

Quick Pick Pros

So, what are the reasons so many people choose to play with Quick Picks? Perhaps the clue’s in the name. Quick picks offer players a quick chance to win big. In an era where so many of us are pushed for time, their appeal is definitely understandable.

An argument can also be made that because winning lottery numbers and Quick Pick numbers are both randomly assigned, it makes sense to play in this way. What’s more, many players who choose their own numbers unwittingly make mistakes, especially when regularly playing birthdays or lucky numbers which can place limitations on their chances of winning.

Lottery Quick Pick, Quick Winner!

Quick Pick Cons

On the other hand, one could argue that Quick Picks have their own limitations. Those who choose their numbers can more easily avoid commonly picked numbers while self-picked numbers can avoid repeating themselves across multiple entries.

Whether you choose to Quick Pick or choose your own numbers, brings you the chance to win big in lotteries from all over the world.

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Posted by Chitaranjen (1/08/2019)

I feel like quick pick is better, just ensure same repeated number are not selected. i have won by selecting quick pick and be positive

Posted by Piotr (1/08/2019)

I like quick pick

Posted by Piotr (2/08/2019)

quick pick is my favourite method to choice lucky numbers

Posted by Piotr (10/08/2019)

My lucky numbers is 7

Posted by Piotr (13/08/2019)

My choice quickpick

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