The Secret & Lottery Winners: if you think it, can you do it?

What is the Secret? If you haven’t heard of it, this is a concept that some people believe will lead to riches, fortune and essentially all your dreams coming true. It’s based, mainly on the law of attraction. Basically, if you think it, it will happen. The Secret is just one example of countless guides like this but it is by far the most popular.

It’s not hard to understand why some people wonder whether The Secret could help them win the lottery. After all Jim Carrey claimed he used the laws of attraction to make his first ten million dollars as an actor. So, if he can do it, is there any reason why you won’t be able to use The Secret to get the winning ticket? Interestingly, some winners have claimed they used The Secret to claim their prize so let’s dive into their stories and how they said it worked.

The Secret & Lottery Winners: if you think it, can you do it?

As Simple As That?

One woman spoke about her experiences with The Secret. She watched the documentary and then started reading the books before quickly incorporating the teachings into her life. While she had been down on her luck and experienced countless negative events she began practising gratitude and being thankful for the things she had as well as what she knew was coming.

She listed places she would visit and people she would help. Then, she bought a lottery ticket and planned out how to use the winnings. Incredibly that next day she discovered she had won the lottery. Supposedly, she wasn’t shocked at all by the win because she knew, based on the teachings, that The Secret would provide her with the power she needed.

Does The Secret Actually Suggest You Can Win The Lottery

The Secret & Lottery Winners: if you think it, can you do it?

As avid followers of the belief system have pointed out, it’s not designed to help someone win the lottery. In fact, if you watch The Secret or read the books you’ll discover the teachings are actually all about telling you that you have the power to accomplish your financial goals. It’s not a way of making magical things happen, changing fate or altering the course of destiny. Instead, it’s about discovering the power in yourself. So, for instance, through The Secret you can get rich but it would be based on starting a business, writing a novel or anything else that is within your control.

Then Again…

Strange things happen. For instance, one lady slept with a piece of paper with $166,000,000 written on it. She slept with it under her pillow for six weeks and each time she came in contact she thought about what she’d do with the money. Incredibly, six weeks later she won and spookily it was that exact number as well.

Is this proof The Secret can cause you to win the lottery? It all depends on what you believe. It could simply be a coincidence or these people could really be using the power of will to claim the grand prize. Of course, if that was possible, wouldn’t there be a group winning every single year in every draw? Maybe they just want to give other people a shot too!

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Posted by Kanhu Charan (12/04/2019)

Wow..Interesting article.I will follow it. Thank you so much .Keep posting this type of stories:)

Posted by Chitaranjen (12/04/2019)

I believe in Law of attraction and it works.

Posted by Leyla (6/09/2021)

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