10 Generous Lottery Winners

We often hear about celebrities or famous billionaires donating their money to good causes, but we don’t often hear about lottery winners who become heroes too! Mostly all major jackpots winners around the world have contributed in some way to helping the less privilege, so let’s take some time to recognise 10 generous winners.

Generous Lottery Winners

1. Brian Caswell 

Brian is from Bolton in England and he won £25 million in the EuroMillions lottery in June 2009. He pledged to help charity by donating a large portion of his winnings and spending time at Egerton Primary School in Lancashire. He even helped the school grow its own vegetable patch. He dreams of teaching future generations how to garden too!


2. John Kutey

John was one of seven IT technicians who won 319 million USD in the Mega Millions game in 2011. Their share amounted to a staggering 28 million USD. After claiming his winnings, he came up with a great idea of donating money to a water park. He and his wife decided that there was nothing better than seeing their children laugh and play. The water park had replaced one from the 40’s and has since attracted a new crowd, both children and adults. 


3. Bob Erb

Bob won 25 million USD and became instantly famous after he donated 1 million USD to 420 Day which is an annual legalisation of marijuana. His generosity doesn’t stop there. When he went to a restaurant to eat a burger with a friend, he overheard someone saying that the owner’s daughter had cancer. Bob immediately paid a check of 10,000 USD to the owner. 


4. Dennis Mahurin

Dennis was homeless before he won 50,000 USD on the lottery. You would think that never having any money, he would keep all of it for himself. Quite the contrary, in fact! He decided to do something remarkable with his winnings. He used to live in a tent for over 20 years, and he decided to stay in the tent instead of spending all his money on a place to live. He shared a portion of it with his homeless friends. He also used his money to go to the dentist, visit his son, buy a new tent, and save some money up for a rainy day. 

According to Emmarie Cross, the shopkeeper who sold him the winning tickets, the winner is a very nice guy and is one of the kindest people she’s ever met. She said that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 


5. Kirby and Marie Fontaine 

These two lucky winners won an incredible 50 million USD back in 2009. Ever since their win, they’ve consistently been donating money to charity. They find it really fun and it makes them feel good that they are contributing towards society. Here are some things they’ve put money towards:

$ 50,000 for a Christmas run

$ 50,000 to a hostel

$ 50,000 to an inner city drop-in centre

$ 16,000 to an organisation that helps make children’s dreams come true who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. 

$ 50,000 to the Salvation Army


6. Gloria Mackenzie

At the age of 84, Gloria won 591 million USD on the US Powerball lottery. Instead of keeping all the cash to herself, she decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing some good. She donated 2 million USD to help repair a leaky roof in her hometown gymnasium where her daughter has been a teacher there for over 39 years. All her children also went to that school, so it was close to her heart when it came to helping them out. 


Lottery Winners Who Gave It All Away


7. Allen and Violet Large

This lucky couple hit the 11 million USD jackpot in 2010, and they donated nearly every penny to the Red Cross, churches, the fire brigade and hospital where Violet was treated for Cancer. When the press asked Violet why she gave all of it away, she said, “What you’ve never had, you’ll never miss.” 


8. Tom Crist

Tom’s life completely changed after he got a phone call from the Western Canadian lottery telling him he had just won 40 million USD. Like most winners, he was in complete shock when he found out and didn’t know what to say. He kept the news a secret even from his family and close friends for a staggering 7 months. When he made up his mind, he decided to donate it to charity. 

One of the main reasons Tom did this, was because his wife died from cancer a few years earlier and he was doing an honourable deed in his wife’s memory. “I’ve been lucky enough to work for the same company for 44 years and during these years I’ve earned a lot of money. I don’t actually need all this money,” he explained. 


9. Chris and Colin Weir

This couple won the biggest jackpot ever in Britain. They won an unbelievable amount of 161 million pounds which is equivalent to 2 billion pounds! They are selfless and are well known for their humility and big hearts. They are not very religious, but they have donated a very large sum of money to charity. 

One of their good deeds they are well known for is buying an advanced prosthetic for a teenager who lost their leg in an accident. They also helped a highly talented Scottish tennis player get a good education and coaching. Their good deeds don’t end there! They’ve funded athletic projects and also paid for the renovation of a historic mill they’ve always been fascinated with.


10. Gillian Bayford

Last but not least, we have the Bayford family. Gillian instantly became Britain’s second-largest EuroMillions winner after her and her now ex-husband won the 148 million pound jackpot in August 2012. Ever since then, she’s used her money to build a real estate empire. 

Gillian has done many good deeds with her money. One of them was buying a house for a mother and her handicapped son who needed special care. 

What all these inspiring lottery winners have in common is that they were selfless and they helped other who were in need. Winning the lottery is a tremendous blessing, and it needs to be treated with care and generosity if you want good karma in your life. 

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We wish you the best of luck! 

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every winner is a happiest person in this WORLD !

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Must be some error in this--"9. Chris and Colin Weir This couple won the biggest jackpot ever in Britain. They won an unbelievable amount of 161 million pounds which is equivalent to 2 billion pounds!

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