$328M Powerball Winner Is Living Humbly

You’d think that after winning 328 million USD, every aspect of your life would change in the blink of an eye. Far David Kalltschmidt that clearly wasn’t the case. Last year he was one of the three winners of the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. Even despite becoming a multi-millionaire overnight, his family’s everyday lives haven’t changed much at all. 

David and his wife Maureen Smith are both from Florida and they haven’t moved since their record-breaking lottery win last year. The new path your life takes all depends on what kind of person you are. Most lottery winners drastically change their routines and habits, whereas others prefer to keep their lives the same. 

These massive Powerball winners took a month to collect their share of the jackpot. They hadn’t told their kids about the win during that time yet. Maureen was worried that the money would make her less friendly, and less like herself due to concerns and fears about what it would mean for their future. She didn’t want their lives to change or to be bothered by creeps who would be trying to get money out of them. 

Massive Powerball Winner

Thankfully, nothing of the sort has happened. No drastic changes seemed to have happened over the past year. At the press conference, David has an indication as to how the family wanted to spend their lottery winnings. He said there would be no partying and they wanted to “live the same lives”. Well, it seems like that’s just what happened. 

The winners accepted their Powerball winnings in the form of a lump sum as opposed to the annuity option. Instead of immediately splurging on a mansion, just like past EuroMillions winners Justine and Nigel Page, they still live in their modest $300,000 ranch-style home in Florida. 

According to close sources, the family still even goes to the shame shops and restaurants as before. They also still go shopping at the same supermarket where they bought their winning Powerball ticket. They still continue playing the lottery because they enjoy it and it’s a fun past-time. 

It’s not like the winners didn’t spoil themselves at all after their win, though. We’d be very worried if they didn’t! David bought himself a new car, but it wasn’t a Ferrari or Cadillac. Instead, he chose a gold-coloured SUV. He is a keen fisherman and he still goes out to sea in the same boat as he did before. Whenever his friend sees him go out in his 15ft Boston Whaler, he thinks to himself, “They are as conservative as ever.” 

One of their neighbours, Jim, said, “I expect the winnings have been invested carefully for their family’s future, but their money is their business and I would never ask them about it. But one thing’s for sure: there’s no luxury yacht motored out the back, and there aren’t really any new changes. They were nice, humble people before their big win and they are the same now. Nothing has changed.” 

The couple bought a $90,000 Tesla in matching gold for Maureen, the winner’s wife, but aside from that, their lives haven’t changed that much. When the press asked Maureen how her life has been since her Powerball win, she responded with, “Oh, nothing exciting. I’m just taking care of my family.” 

It puts a smile on our face to know that even after a massive Powerball win, a family can keep their lives the same, keep their family together, and live a normal life. Coming into a great deal of money means that one needs to take on a lot of responsibility as things can quickly go sour if one isn’t careful. 

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Thanks for the info!

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congratulations to him

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after winning jackpot my life will the same as mr...

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i must won jackpot on 13/7/2017, which i have buy for winning.

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every body want to win jackpot, like him.

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i have to win jackpot or 1 m $ in lottery, GOD must help me.

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