Online lotteries – How Much Do You Know?

As seasoned online lottery players on, you might think that you know just about everything there is to know about playing the biggest international lotteries from the comfort of your home, office, tablet or smartphone. But, you’d be pretty surprised…

Not too long ago we came across quite a few lotto facts that put even us to the test. Let’s take a look at some fun lottery findings, and see how many you know.

The lottery wish list

Last week you probably took part in our Easter competition where we asked you to choose which lotto dream would hatch out of the Golden Easter Egg. Among the choices were Diving for diamonds in the Caribbean, purchasing a Lamborghini Adventador, Hot air balloon tour in Gstaad, Switzerland, owning your very own lake on your estate etc.  But, according to statistics, lottery winners love to help out their friends and family before spending money on themselves. Once the family and friends are out of the way, a massive 70% of winners choose to purchase new homes.

Surprisingly though, 10% of lottery winners don’t just buy one new vehicle – the majority actually end up buying more than 10! Right here, we can already see what it means to join the lives of the rich, where monies no problem and your heart gets what it really wants.

Going through the stats we also see that there are the usual purchases like exotic vacations, luxury travel and designer shopping sprees.
Now we come to the wildly unusual purchases like a new pair of hips, tarantulas, and even a fireworks company. It just shows you, we are all unique in our own way, and hey, if it’s what you’ve always wanted – go for it!

Lottery wish list

To work, or not to work – that is the question

How often have we told our fellow colleagues, friends and family members that the very second we win the lottery, we will quit our jobs?  Seems quite a lot I know, but the truth of the matter is, 60% of lottery winners carry on working after hitting the jackpot!  15% move on to new jobs, and 45% start their own companies. The remaining 40% go on early retirement. With a bit of luck, and to keep most of our lottery dreams alive, we can only hope that this batch are lapping up the luxury, sipping on cocktails on some exotic beach with the sand between their well-manicured toes.

Spreading the lotto love

Giving family members a cut from your huge lottery win can be quite a job and it can also very easily give you the biggest headache. So, just in case you are lucky enough to win tonight’s massive $85 million US Powerball jackpot you might want to know what others before you have dealt with this sticky issue. A massive 83% of new lotto millionaires share their win with their loved ones. 66% have gone to their siblings, 57% have given a share to their own children, and 51% of new lottery winners have given back to their parents.

Hitting the BIG one!

Hitting a big lotto jackpot without a doubt opens doors you never thought possible. 38% of jackpot winners pack up and completely relocate once their fortunes change. 75% of these lucky lottery players purchase brand new homes, and 24% move to a new country altogether.  For those who prefer to stay in their own country, 19% of lottery winners jet off overseas for the very first time on vacation. 7% buy an RV to look after them on their travels, like the latest Australian jackpot winners, who wish to remain anonymous.

With this week’s SuperEna Max jackpot sitting at €93.5 million, we suggest you not only play the lottery online but make sure your passports up to date - looks like you could be opening up some brand new doors of your own any minute!

Lottery winners never stop playing the lotto

One the most surprising stats might be that a full two thirds of jackpot lottery winners keep playing the lotto. If you think they’re crazy and that lighting never strikes twice – thing again.
One lucky lotto player, who has more luck than he knows what to do with, won the lottery a jaw-dropping 14 times! Fourteen!

Another lottery winner defied all odds, by winning the lottery twice. You might be thinking but you just said someone won the lottery fourteen times, so why now mention someone winning the lottery twice. Well, this lucky lotto player did it with the same set of lottery numbers!  That’s definitely one for the books, and if you ever thought that the odds will never be in your favour – try speaking to these lucky lotto players. They will be telling you a very different story.

surprised man

It seems that no matter what your lottery fortunes, there's just something about the game that keeps players coming back for more. Of course with playing to win couldn't be easier. Just sign into your account, choose your lottery and lucky number combination, and you too could soon be deciding between a mansion, a fleet of Ferraris, or a five-star trip to the Seychelles. With the correct answer obviously being all three!

Why Play the Lotto Online With Us?

With a selection of the world’s biggest and best international jackpots to choose from, there are already millions of reasons why you should be playing with But you don’t need a million reasons. All you need is a few lucky lottery numbers.

Best of luck!
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Posted by Ildefonso (20/04/2017)

Persistence,patience and playing responsibly...leave the rest up to fate.

Posted by PRADIP (20/04/2017)

i know on line lottery through your site from last 2.4 years.

Posted by PRADIP (20/04/2017)

on line lotto also help me to buy any place of the WORLD.

Posted by PRADIP (20/04/2017)

through on line lottery when i m buying, then i m expecting i can win jackpot !!

Posted by PRADIP (20/04/2017)

thanks to phl management, to arrange it.

Posted by Ildefonso (20/04/2017)

PHL client since 2005,hopefully fate has a big jackpot in store for me.

Posted by Gnanaprakash (20/04/2017)

i believe one fine day jesus will meet my needs of winning jackpot amount

Posted by PRADIP (21/04/2017)

i m now waiting for a break, which will be happend very soon in my life.

Posted by Oleksandr (23/04/2017)

Big win can change your life to better.

Posted by Krishnan (24/04/2017)

Knowledge of anything including lotteries, online or otherwise, is never complete

Posted by PRADIP (24/04/2017)

on line lottery, i know, i can fulfill my dream.

Posted by Zeljko (29/04/2017)

One have to be persistant and responsible with playing, like with any other thing in life.....and if one have a Fortune on his side....

Posted by Leyla (2/07/2017)

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