Rome, Wednesday, 15 September 2010 - As of today, the Italian monster lottery jackpot, SuperEnaLotto, has not been won in 93 consecutive draws, bringing it to an estimated total of 137,900,000.- €. One certainly does not need fiery Italian blood coursing through ones veins – this amount is sure to set any pulse racing.

SuperEna, or the SuperEnaLotto, is undoubtedly one of Italy’s finest products. Sure, many of us treasure the moments spent appreciating Italian architecture or just about any Italian design, but nothing speaks quite as loudly as money. The language of the Euro also just sounds a bit more fluent than the Lire doesn’t it? Say it with me, One hundred and thirty seven million, nine hundred thousand Euro.

The largest prize won to date was on August 22, 2009 for a total of 147,807,299.08 €. What’s more is this prize was not shared by multiple winners all matching the same numbers, but rather one lucky man in Toscana.

The months leading up to the above mentioned jackpot win generated massive amounts of media coverage which ultimately gave rise to a whole new phenomenon: the lotto tourist! Citizens from neighbouring European nations (and even further afield!), heard of the massive fortune and saw their opportunity to become wealthy beyond measure. They packed their toothbrushes, booked their flights and set off with one goal – to buy the winning ticket.

Those with family in Italy (and the right amount of trust) picked up the phone and placed their orders with their favourite Aunt Rosa or Uncle Vinny, all in the hope that they too could change their lives in fantastic and wonderful ways. However, one can easily imagine why this form of entry never quite “took off” and why Christmas get-togethers are probably still quite civil.

In fact, lottery tourism (as opposed to family favours) became so popular that airlines devised promotions solely for that purpose. Imagine the tagline, “Return daytime flight to Rome only 200,- € with LottoAir. Plus we guarantee no sleeping with da fishes.”

Some even took orders onboard once the aircraft entered Italian airspace. Runners started filling Italian airports with the sole purpose of placing entries on behalf of lotto tourists.

If only they knew about With over 12 years of experience in remote lottery purchasing services, is the clear market leader servicing the globe and delivers the ultimate in trust, security and convenience that no airline can possibly offer. After all, what fun is winning the lottery if you don’t get back to earth to spend it?

Orders can be placed from anywhere in the world. With easy free registration, all one requires is an internet connection, a credit card (various other payment methods available) and the desire to win!
All orders are confirmed via email and the outcome of an entry will also be announced after the draw. Orders are completely secure and winnings remain completely anonymous – another facet of that seems to be a big hit! No one wants Aunt Rosa & Uncle Vinny knocking at the door of their new mansion!

Available in seven languages with live support and help at hand every step of the way, one really does not need to board a plane to experience the thrill and excitement of this monster lottery. Rather fly over to and book your ticket … to the good life.

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Posted by Brian (16/09/2010)

Who is the female in the pic? Is she part of the jackpot?

Posted by MOSES REAGAN PAUL (17/09/2010)

i will win this superena jackpot when it crosses the $200,000,000 mark.......this jackpot with change my life forever.....thats to your amazing website.......i love it

Posted by Willy (18/09/2010)

wow i think not just the jackpot is amazing but that female is amazing too

Posted by XEBSskVLzX42Dx (20/09/2010)

Hey Brian I think she is Raquel Welsh.Win the jackpot and women like that will definately become part of our prize.I will definately spent part of my millions entertaining women like that all over the world.Oh! Yeah!

Posted by Slavko (23/09/2010)

winning could be a bad for living in peace

Posted by Slavko (23/09/2010)

But I need that

Posted by Yuval (23/09/2010)

How much tax does one pay if winning the Italian Superenna lotto ? Come to think of it...Who cares?

Posted by Douglas (25/09/2010)

god know i gould make good use of the money i pray i win

Posted by Frans (14/10/2010)

winning this money will make me change the world, start charity and save the street children

Posted by Joshua Mutambudzi (19/10/2010)

This is my money that God sent to me so that I can use it the best way possible. You can all back off!

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