Irish Lottery Winner Only Has Two Days left To Claim

Lottery players right now are dreaming of winning either this Friday’s $174 million Mega Millions jackpot or the SuperEnaMax lotto jackpot with a staggering 155 million Euro up for grabs. But let’s say you actually win. We can only imagine how that would transform your life and how happy that would make you feel. But would it shock you to know that the chances of you actually claiming the prize is rather large? 

Time and time again we come across yet another lottery winner that out of sheer negligence or absent-mindedness failed to collect the money? In fact right now, there an Irish lotto player who was lucky enough to win €1 million on the National Lottery’s Christmas Millionaire Raffle might not claim his life-changing lotto win. The lucky winner has just two more days to claim the prize before it becomes totally worthless.

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Lottery officials are urgently appealing to locals in the Cork area to double check their lottery tickets to see if they have the winning lottery numbers. The only information lottery officials have, is that the ticket was purchased at a Topaz garage, on Lower Tivoli Road on December 21st. 

The rules states that the owner of the winning ticket has to claim their prize within 90 days of the draw – that’s this Friday! If no one comes forward to claim the prize, the prize will go back into the Irish National Lottery prize fund.

Michael Hayes, Head of the Irish National Lottery marketing department said, “Christmas Millionaire Raffle tickets are a popular gift at Christmas time so we would appeal to all those who have bought a ticket as a gift or who may have received a ticket from a loved one to check their tickets for a chance of claiming a life-changing €1 million prize.”

Niall Buckley, the manager of the store that sold the winning ticket, said “It would be fantastic to see whoever it is claim the prize in time.”

Every year there are lottery prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars that go unclaimed, so why do some lottery winners fail to collect their amazing lotto wins after winning a lottery? Let’s find out!

Some lottery players completely forget that they even played

When purchasing a lottery ticket form a store, it can be easy to forget that you bought a lotto ticket.  After all you probably went into the store for something completely different and while waiting in line spotted the next available jackpot and thought “Hey, why not. I’m feeling pretty lucky.” Or of course you looked into your wallet and thought you need to bump up your funds. What better way than winning lottery right? So you buy the life-changing lottery ticket and tuck in safely in your wallet, handbag or pocket.  Your ticket to financial freedom could quite easily now be a distant dream, just like that.

Of the $40 billion worth prize money won from various international lotto games such as the mighty Mega Millions or the record-breaking US Powerball in the US, $800 million has gone completely unclaimed.

One of the reasons so many lottery wins go unclaimed is that lottery players just forget to check the results.

Luckily, you don’t have this problem on, as you will receive an automated email with not only the winning lottery numbers but it will also reflect if you had any matches – so feel free to throw away that highlighter – we have taken care of business.

Now you may be thinking, what if the email lands up in your spam filters or you just don’t open the email.  Once again we have you covered! Not only will you get the email but if you have won substantial amount – we will call you. That’s right. One of our amazing Customer Care representatives will personally call you and make sure you know that you have won a seriously huge lotto prize. After all we’re in the business of making millionaires, and that’s exactly what we intend to do!

Just because you didn’t win the jackpot does not mean you didn’t become a millionaire

Every single lotto game has secondary prizes, not just jackpots. Sure, winning the $1.6 billion on the Powerball would be mind-boggling good. But even if you didn’t match every number drawn, you could still win a massive lotto prize. 

On Powerball the secondary prizes are fixed at $1 million – which instantly makes you a millionaire, even though you didn’t win the jackpot.

On the EuroMillions, the secondary prizes are worth a fortune too, so when you fail to show interest in double checking your lottery tickets just because you heard someone else won the jackpot, don’t - you could still have won an absolutely whopper of prize too.

Lost the ticket!

The ultimate nightmare! Can you for one second imagine seeing all your lottery numbers come up one by one and you win the jackpot?  What a feeling – and then after you double check the lottery results you see it confirmed that you are the only winner!  Come Monday morning you get dressed in your best and head off to claim your prize – but there’s a real problem – you can’t find the lottery ticket! 

There are many people who win a lottery and suddenly find out that they have lost the ticket, and that it’s nowhere to be found. A French couple won the EuroMillions jackpot in 2013, but couldn’t collect their prize because they lost the lottery as they had left it in the laundry!

Another couple, Martyn and Kay Tott, from the UK won a £3 million jackpot, but lost the ticket and could not produce a proof of purchase, and so while they had the sympathy of the organizers, and even though it was clear that they were telling the truth about being the lottery winners, the prize money was denied to them.

Once again, you will never experience this if you play the lottery at Oh, the joys of playing the lotto online…

Finally, you won’t win a lottery unless you participate in one. If you don’t play, you will never win – it’s as simple as that.

Each one of us has a chance of winning this Friday’s $174 million MegaMillions jackpot, this Thursday’s €155 million SuperEna Max or this Friday’s €60 million Eurojackpot – provided you login and take a shot at it.

The lottery is there to be won, and anyone who plays has a chance to win it. Will you be the next lucky winner?

Play the lottery online at and find out yourself?
Best of luck!
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Posted by Julian (29/03/2017)

If I win any time I will never forget to claim the prize

Posted by Ildefonso (30/03/2017)

I'm always amazed when I read these kinds of stories,why play if you don't expect to win?

Posted by PRADIP (1/04/2017)

i have full confidence, i must win jackpot.

Posted by Krishnan (3/04/2017)

This is how some people are not listening the door-knocks of the Goddess of Fortune. !!

Posted by PRADIP (13/04/2017)

within 2 days i must claim of my jackpot amount.

Posted by Leyla (8/07/2017)

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