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SuperEna Max


Introduction to SuperEna Max

Launched in 2014, SuperEna Max is a European lotto game giving players the opportunity to participate in 3 weekly draws with hundreds of millions of Euros up for grabs. Based on the ever-popular Italian SuperEna Lotto, the Max variant keeps the fun and excitement at record highs with guaranteed jackpots and a special super draw play option to dramatically increase the prize fund available.

What is SuperEna Max?

SuperEna Max is a 6 from 90 lottery game, with winning numbers based on the lucrative Italian SuperEnaLotto. Unlike SuperEnaLotto however, which has constantly varying jackpots, SuperEna Max has fixed jackpot values that guarantees players jackpots in excess of £100 million at least once a month!

With a starting jackpot of £75 million and guaranteed jackpot increases of £5 million for each draw, SuperEna Max can reach a top jackpot of £125 million during its 11 draw cycle. Please note: all jackpots are displayed on the site in Euros. Values may fluctuate due to foreign exchange rates.

How to play SuperEna Max

Players can take part in SuperEna Max in exactly the same way as they play the traditional Italian SuperEnaLotto – choose 6 numbers from a possible 90. If your 6 chosen numbers match the winning numbers from the official SuperEnaLotto of the same date, you win the jackpot.

It couldn’t be simpler to win millions online!

Guaranteed jackpots and maximum excitement

SuperEna Max has a starting jackpot of £75 million which will grow by a guaranteed £5 million for a total of 10 subsequent draws – irrespective of whether the jackpot amount is won or not. After a total of 11 draws the jackpot rolls back down again to £75 million and the cycle begins again.

In addition to these mouth-watering, guaranteed jackpots SuperEna Max also features a super draw option that is available on special occasions. By adding this super draw ‘Superstar’ play option you will be adding €100 million to the jackpot prize!

For example, if you were to win the SuperEna Max with the Superstar option applied, you would win an additional €100 million on top of the jackpot prize.

Please note: all jackpots are displayed on the site in Euros. Values may fluctuate due to foreign exchange rates.

SuperStar Draws

On occasion there are special 'SuperStar draws' that take place on SuperEna Max. These draws require an additional number to be picked (from a 2nd ballset of 90 numbers) and if you match all 6 regular numbers plus the extra SuperStar number you will win an additional €100 million on top the jackpot prize. SuperStar draws apply only once or to a specified sequence of draws.

What is the SuperStar number?

An additional draw takes place with a number set from 1 - 90. One number is drawn randomly from this number set, this is the SuperStar number. This draw is also organised by SISAL, the official Italian lottery organisors, and is the result on which the SuperEna Max SuperStar number is based.

When to play SuperEna Max

Winning numbers for the SuperEna Max are based on the published winning numbers for the official SuperEna Lotto draw of the same date. The SuperEna draw takes place three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7.30pm Central European Time in Rome, Italy.

SuperEna Max Prize structure

The SuperEna Max prize tiers are as follows:

Match 6 plus Superstar number – Special super draw option that adds €100 million to the jackpot prize

Match 6 – Jackpot

Match 5 plus the Jolly Number

Match 5

Match 4

Match 3

Click here to play the SuperEna Max Lottery.

The cut-off time for purchasing tickets on is 16:30 or 17:30 PM GMT on the day of the draw (depending on UK daylight savings time).

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