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The origin of April Fools

The 1st of April is a day you should trust no one, eat no food in your office that someone generously offers you, and try your best not to believe any stories that sound the slightest bit suspicious. Read further to get inspiration on some hilarious pranks you can play on others, and how this day of silliness originated. 

A not-so-grim town after EuroMillions win

The town of Grimsby is no longer so grim after its fourth win on Tuesday the 17th of March with EuroMillions. The lucky couple have already begun the celebrations after winning the £209,614.40 prize. Malcolm Taylor and partner Mary Connor’s win have continued the area’s lucky knack and reputation for generating big lottery winners. You could say that this town really is the complete contrast to its unfortunate name. 

Famous athletes who bought what?

The media never ceases to surprise us these days. We almost always roll our eyes when we hear of celebrities doing crazy things with their money. But, nevertheless, celebrity athletes can be just as over-the-top as A-list actors. If you would like to find out exactly what nonsensical but sometimes quite astounding things they have purchased over the years with their incredible earnings, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading below to get your daily dose of absolute jaw-dropping spending ever recorded by athletes. 

A ‘lotterific’ legacy makeover in the UK

Terrence Mann, the famous American actor, once said, “Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; but Theatre will make you good.” Even in today’s age, the role of a theatre is so important. The oldest theatre still in function in the UK has been given the chance to continue its legacy for many more years to come after the National Lottery Heritage Fund donated more than £286,000 to renovations and general up-keeping. Read further to discover which legendary theatre accrued this generous gift, and to get your latest lottery results for the EuroJackpot and US Powerball lotteries online. 

It’s better to be with us

Seeing that we respect and look after our clients’ best interests, we would like to bring your attention to the following: A lottery scam email claiming to come from a supposed winner of Lotto Max from Canada has managed to find its way all the way down to South Africa where current recipients of the email are beginning to warn others to be cautious and astute. Please read further so that you won't become a victim of these smart tricksters from Canada. 

Stubborn luck wins lottery player $600,000

We all have our own quirky ways of choosing our lucky numbers. In fact, we all have quirky ways of doing things, and we share them with many other people in the world. Just like rubbing a coin for luck before putting it into a stubborn machine, a man from Chicago had his own quirky way of making his winning numbers get lucky – he played them for 10 years in a row! Read further to discover how these stubborn numbers helped him get his longed-for payday, and whether you should do the same to increase your chances too. 


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