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Use Your Superpower To Play SuperEna Max! - Win vouchers

I've been thinking about this for a LONG TIME! Having a superpower!  But let’s take this a step further and think about how you would use your superpower to play the lotto. Yeeeeees! Some might say, that if you had a superpower you wouldn’t have to play the lottery, or you might have to look as though you don’t have any powers, so that you don’t bring any attention to yourself. So bear with me…  I might even teleport a few free vouchers your way.

Karma Gives New Yorker Gift Of A Lifetime

Karma can really work in the favour of some, and others not. The rule goes that the good energy you put in will be the good energy that will come back to you. This is the story about a former fire-fighter from New York City who has become an instant millionaire after winning $5 million on a Cash X100 scratch-off New York Lottery ticket. He is now able to treat his family to something special and himself for that matter too. Read further to find out his full story, and to read the latest Mega Millions winning numbers and Mega Millions results. 

As Sleek As An Aston Martin

Exclusive Peak At The First Aston Martin Powerboat, AM37: Hearing about this gives us chills all over. Seeing an elegant, mastered piece of engineering like that of the Aston Martin is enough to give anyone the goose bumps. Aston Martin, being the revolutionary and forward-thinking brand that they are, have decided to take their luxury of engineering off-road and into the water. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the very first Aston Martin Powerboat...

Indulge In Bali After Your Lottery Win

All of us work very hard to make a living for ourselves, and to provide for the ones we love. If it were up to us and was actually possible, we would send all of our loyal players on holiday to their destination of dreams. Seeing that as much as we’d love to make that happen but cannot, we are going to send you on a mini-vacation in this article and help you visualise an exotic trip to the Bulgari Resort Mansions in Bali. To top things off, we’re also going add three exotic cocktails you can order during your flight to paradise on Singapore Airlines. Read about your virtual vacation right here! 

A Luxury Sedan That Sucks At Luxury

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Maserati Ghibli: A highly expensive new luxury sedan that offers roughly the same level of actual luxury as a floor lamp. Today we’ll be discussing this “fail” of car whose release was way too hyped up for no good reason, really. For all you car fanatics out there, we’re sorry if you have a soft spot for Maserati, but we’re just giving you an honest review. Read further for the Maserati Ghibli review, and for a little chuckle. 


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