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Thief Loses Out On $1M Powerball Ticket

This particular couple, just like many others, took months before realizing they had won big with the US Powerball lottery. They bought a ticket for the February draw on the 11th. That ticket got extremely lucky, and the numbers matched up to make them $1 million richer. This story tells of how their winning ticket could have been lost forever after their car was broken into a few weeks ago. 

EuroMillions Superdraw This Friday 5th June 2015

What a week for lotteries! Online lottery enthusiasts definitely have plenty to choose from this week, with the Mega Millions jackpot rolling over to a gigantic 253 million Dollars, then the US Powerball not far behind, at a whopping 188 million Dollars. But, players had better brace themselves, as there’s even more good news when it comes to big lotto jackpots – this Friday the 5th June will see another super exciting EuroMillions Superdraw with a guaranteed 100 million Euro up for grabs!

Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpot Craze

Two of the biggest Jackpots are showing their might this week with their enormous Jackpots! The Mega Millions is sitting at a fantastic $253 million, and the US Powerball has a Jackpot of $188 million. These unbelievable lottery prizes are waiting for a winner to scoop them up, so read this article for the latest results, lucky numbers, and info for when the next big draws are! 

Make the Most out of your Giant Jackpot Winning, Part I

Refreshing the jackpot prizes available from US Lottery games will see you astounded by the totals available to play for and win in the games of Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. So as you fight for your lottery jackpot prize, this weekend here are some important tips and strategies to put into place in the event of you winning either a jackpot or tremendously lucrative lottery prize winning in either of your chosen games. Note that these are all measures to take and some important things to avoid in the event of a big lottery winning:  

UK Lottery Winner Finally Found

UK National Lottery Foundation, Camelot, recently launched an all-out search for the latest winner from South Cumbria who was the winner of a lottery jackpot from March 28.  Their search was successful as the winner was finally tracked down, and although they declined publicity, he/she has at least been reunited with their rightful winning. 

World Lottery Jackpots Buy You …

With the latest EuroMillions jackpot soaring to a magnificent €37 million over the weekend and Mega Millions totalling a stellar $214 million, fans all over the world will be rushing to get their entries in to the popular Euro Lotto and US Lottery games which have their next draw this evening. 


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