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Virginian Couple Unknowingly Become Mega Millionaires

All human beings love surprises. And by that, we don’t mean being pranked or frightened, but we love finding out that things are even better than we initially thought. A lucky couple from Virginia won big with the popular American lottery Mega Millions by being surprised with a cheque of $1 million when they thought they had won only $250,000. Read the full story below, and for the latest MegaMillions and US Powerball results online. 

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3rd time lucky Californian woman

Our parents tell us that if you aren’t successful the first time, you need to dust yourself off, and try again until you are. The unbelievably lucky Californian woman knew what she wanted: she wanted to win the Jackpot. Not only did she try the first time and win something, but she kept on winning three times by landing the mother-load. Continue reading for the full story. 

Winner spoils wife with Corvette after lottery win

In the sun-glazed state of North Carolina, the Carolina Cash 5 draw produced a winner. The cash prize he got to take home was a wonderful amount of $377,241. The ecstatic husband couldn’t be more overjoyed or excited to spoil his wife with a Corvette for winning the lottery Jackpot. And it’s not just any Corvette...It’s a Corvette convertible. Yes, you heard right...If you want to fulfilling your curiosity with more details, then read further. 


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