History Of EuroJackpot:

EuroJackpot was introduced to the European public in late 2011, providing countries not participating in the Pan-European EuroMillions lottery a platform to share in the thrill of giant jackpot draws. The first EuroJackpot draw took place on Friday, 23rd March 2012. Giant jackpots is no exaggeration – jackpot prizes start at €10 million with the possibility to rise as high as a jaw-dropping €90 million!

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The  EuroJackpot Lottery  

How To Play EuroJackpot

The Euro Jackpot lottery follows a very similar number selection procedure to the popular Euro Millions lottery. Number selection is as follows:

- 5 numbers from a possible 50 numbers (1 – 50)

- A further 2 numbers from a possible 8 numbers (1 – 8)

To win the main prize, players need to match all 7 lucky lottery numbers. There are a further 11 consolatory prize tiers for the ones who didn’t match 7 numbers.

Record Breaking Eurojackpot Draws

The biggest jackpot paid out to date was €46,079,338.00 won by a one lucky lottery player on the 12th April 2013. The EuroJackpot has a rollover cap, but it is a sizeable one of €90 million. If the jackpot remains unclaimed by lottery players, additional funds will be added to the lower tier prize, to a maximum of €90 million as well.

Eurojackpot originally had a rollover cap in addition to the jackpot cap - a maximum of 12 times. If on the 12th rollover draw the jackpot was still not won the jackpot amount would roll down to the lower tier.


From the 18th May 2012 to 10th August 2012 the EuroJackpot rolled continuously. On the 12th rollover draw the jackpot was still not won so the entire €27,545,858.00 top prize rolled down to the 2nd tier (match 5+1). There was only one 2nd tier winner, a player who didn't even match all 7 numbers, receiving the jackpot prize in full! The lucky German ticket holder made German lottery winning history with the massive win.

But the jackpot record was smashed by a Finnish lottery syndicate of ten members who claimed the massive €57,275,841 jackpot on Friday, April 4th 2014. The win made headlines in Finland for the largest of three jackpots won in the country, and of course the largest EuroJackpot prize dished out thus far.

When To Play EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot draw takes place every Friday night. The draw itself is held in Helsinki, Finland and is broadcast on Yle TV1. EuroJackpot results are posted on shortly after the live broadcast.

EuroJackpot Prize Tiers

A lottery player has many chances of taking home a prize on the EuroJackpot with 12 prize tiers available:

Match 5 + 1
Match 5
Match 4 + 2
Match 4 + 1
Match 4
Match 3 + 2
Match 3 + 1
Match 3
Match 2 + 2
Match 2 + 1
Match 1 + 2

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