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Lottery Jackpot Time/Date  
It SuperEna Max EU  €303,000,000
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Us Mega Millions US  $67,000,000
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Us PowerBall US  $50,000,000
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Es Spanish La Primitiva EU  €33,000,000
Play now
Europeanunion EuroMillions EU  €31,000,000
Play now
Europeanunion EuroJackpot EU  €18,000,000
Play now
It SuperEnaLotto EU  €17,800,000
Play now
Us SuperLotto Plus US  $24,000,000
Play now
Au Oz Powerball US  $23,600,000
Play now
Au Oz Lotto US  $14,000,000
Play now
Br Mega-Sena US  $9,800,000
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De Lotto 6aus49 EU  €3,000,000
Play now
Es El Gordo EU  €6,000,000
Play now
Gb UK Lottery UK  £4,100,000
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Fr France Loto EU  €3,000,000
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Raffle Draw size Time/Date  
Es Loteria Nacional Extra EU  €84,000,000
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How to………… Lose a Million Dollars? (Part.2)

Part.1 of our article on how to lose a million dollars covered some really costly blunders such as PayPal giving away $92 Quadrillion (which we strongly doubt the company posesses), a sleeping banker transferring millions and a lady throwing away her winning lottery ticket.  To ensure these oversights don't happen to you, make sure to sign up with the safest, most reliable online lottery vendor,  The site secures all your personal information and gives each playing piece of mind when competing online for the astronomical jackpot prizes.  Let's continue with Part.2 of How to LOSE a Million Dollars: 

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If you are new to the online lottery scene or if you would just like to get a bit more in-depth information regarding your favourite lottery game, then we should warn you that it is deceptively easy to become completely immersed in our Lottery Information section. Read about record-breaking lottery jackpots, and then just imagine what you would be able to do with a windfall of that calibre. With so many international lottery games at your disposal here on it’s easy to see why we have established ourselves as market leaders in our industry, with clients on nearly every single continent enjoying the convenience of competing in worldwide lotteries from the comfort of their own homes.

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